15 Pictures That Men Will Just Never Ever Understand About Women

Humor | By Ian Anglin | October 22, 2017

No one will ever know whether the differences between men and women arise from genetic differences, or are they largely cultural. Some groups claim that we are all the same, and all differences come down to how society has risen us. Others will claim that culture and society can never change an individual, more than what his genes expression does - in other words, if someone is going to like motorcycles, he is going to like them no matter what his parents or teachers say.

Hair Ties Can Scar You For Life

This is true - many guys just don't get how much of a chore and responsibility hair ties are. They get lost all the time, you have to buy new ones, and even the ones you keep - you have to hold them somewhere when they are not on your hair - perhaps on your arm, like on the photo above.

Why Do You Carry Your Bag Everywhere?

Many men find it fascinating how women can think of reasons to carry their bag EVERYWHERE. They don't understand that maybe you are having your period, and have to carry the bag to the bathroom so that you can change your pads.

Difficult Menstrual Cramps

This is a problem I have to deal with every month - not for myself, mind you - but for my girlfriend, who literally has the worst kind of menstrual cramps every month. We joke that at least she getting experience in how pregnancy is going to be.

Women Are Never Safe

Just when you thought your period had ended and you will stop bleeding down there, it turns out that wasn't true - you are still actually menstruating. If this happens at the wrong time, it can ruin any nice clothes that you'd be wearing.

Conditioner Chemistry

Using just the right amount of shampoo and conditioner is more art than science - you never know how clean or dirty your hair is, nor how much damage you've done do it that month. Not getting the balance right could spell disaster for many girls.

Hair-to-Lip Gloss Magnetism

Yeah, this picture is pretty funny, I have to give it that. Everyone hates when their hairstyle gets messed up by the wind, but women have double the amount of problems, since their hair usually sticks on their lips, due to the use of lip gloss (which you have to do - it is the winder!).

Bra's Can be Painful

Most men don't understand this, but I do - and as before, I can be thankful to my girlfriend for learning about the "bra" problem many women have. The problem is that wearing something that squeezes your upper body for 8+ hours can be very, very tiring.

Neurotic Hair Curling

Sometimes, when a girl is anxious or otherwise excited, she starts to curl her hair. Some girls - they take this to the extreme. Look at the photo above; that girl curled her hair for such a long period, that she even burned her forehead from the friction.

High Heels Can be Painful

Guys love looking at women wearing high heels, but they don't understand the ultimate price girls have to pay at the end of a long night - the insane amount of bleeding, from the friction of having to wear such uncomfortable shoes.

Butt-Hair Problems

Okay, this is something entirely new to me - I've never heard of butt-hair problems happening to anyone, but if someone made the above picture, it must be true right? But yeah, this could be the funniest photo in today's list.

Broken Dreams

Sometimes, pieces of makeup can fall and break, or even worse situation, you can forget a piece for such a long time, that it had dried up and has cracks all over it. I'm sure the girl in the above photo can fix the problem with a little bit of water

Lipstick Stains

This is probably not such a frequent problem, as girls don't ALWAYS wear lipstick, but I guess when they do, on some more important days, the lipstick can literally get on everything. Just like at that sorry, miserable cup of coffee.

Falling Hair

This picture is similar to one of the above photos, that illustrated the "butt-hair" problem. I get it - women have dense hair, with very long strands. These have to fall off all the time and re-grow - leaving a mess everywhere you go.

Sneezing After Putting on Mascara

I had no idea this was a problem - I mean, how could I know? I'm a guy, and guys simply don't use "mascara," whatever that is. Okay - I do know what it is, I think it was that thing you put on the eyelashes, right?

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