15 Expectation vs Reality Photos That Will Make You Fall To The Floor

Humor | By Michael Leon | October 22, 2017

Ah, expectation versus reality. It's a sad world we live in, if you think about it. Countless commercials have led us to believe we can have the best things life has to offer, and all for a measly low price. From gorgeous-looking food to that perfectly clean vehicle, we happily succumb to the many luxuries and events life has to offer. But some of us know better, and unfortunately these lessons were learned the hard way. Here are the absolute worst cases of expectations versus reality.

Emo Tweety

It's hard to ever imagine Tweety as a sad, depressed little birdie, but apparently that's just how life works, right? Especially when you find him wrapped in a 99-cent gum ball bag, as the poor thing knows you're about to chew him to death.

Sub(par)way Sandwich

Food advertising has always been a tad misleading, and it's common for the actual product to be slightly different than the version shown on paper. Sometimes, though, they really screw you over when you're greeted by this joke of a meal. And then the business expects a nice Yelp review.

Marked for Life

There's nothing more fantastic than a nicely-designed tattoo, which serves as a great form of artistic expression. In contrast, there's also nothing worse than a tattoo artist screwing the work he was paid to do. Now you're forced to carry that shame or endure the pain of having it removed.

I Want My Money Back

If you think the above is a sad excuse for a meal, then prepare to feel awful for whomever ended up with this mess. We get it; restaurants have to serve dozens of these subs every single day and are probably pressured, but come on people! A little more effort can't hurt.

Wasted Summer

Some people love making great summer plans, so much that they spend months preparing for it. This ranges from losing weight to saving up for the occasion. When it comes down to it, though, it's simply better to spend it with your seven cats while watching reruns on Netflix.

Even the Thought of Trying is Exhausting

You see these great athletes doing an amazing job. They appear on television showing off those impressive crunching skills. You eagerly get to the gym feeling ready to take on the world. Then, unfortunately, reality strikes and sends you crashing back to Earth. Back to being a couch potato.

A Perfect Weekend Gone Wrong

Weekends are filled with potential plans, from mowing the lawn to grocery shopping. Hell, you might even visit Aunt Sally and check up on the little cousins for once. But who are kidding when there's a perfectly comfortable bed and enough entertainment at home to last a lifetime?

Poor Dress Code

Not to be mean, but we laughed way harder than we should have. It's not uncommon to purchase a piece of clothing that fits a bit differently than expected, which is absolutely okay. But when that brand new dress turns into a complete disaster, you can't help but feel severely depressed for weeks on end.

Not So Friendly Kitty

Sometimes you're home alone and just want to grab that cute kitty for a good snuggle. Moments later, the little shit scratches your face off and runs like the wind, never to be seen again. Turns out it just wanted to be fed and be left alone. Again.

Those Magical Winters

Let's face it, winter has been romanticized to death over the decades. You picture a cold, yet beautiful winter day alone with your partner and a hot cup of chocolate. In reality, though, what awaits is the grueling task of cleaning off your car and hoping you don't suffer a fatal accident while out on the road.

When You're Forced to Wear a Baseball Cap

Remember that time you discovered that new hairstyle and wanted to jump on the trend? You anxiously went to your stylist and couldn't wait to look at that marvelous job in the mirror. Then reality hit after realizing the damn stylist completely butchered not only your hair, but your whole dignity.

Sorry, Ladies...

I know, ladies; you have always dreamed of that highly sensual bath with a super hot guy next to you. You'd sip a few drinks and gradually escalate things to a magical place. But then you meet "the one," and unfortunately he is the farthest thing you ever expected to fulfill that fantasy with.

What the Gym Really is For

There's nothing like a good workout. Those muscles feel pumped, our skin is sweaty, and we feel invincible thanks to the work and intensity endured. Then reality strikes once we look in the mirror. That's when our pride quickly deflates and we shamefully turn to our smartphone for comfort.

Compact Vehicle Indeed!

Every car commercial advertises their vehicle as the absolute best thing since sliced bread. It's supposed to be roomy, comfortable and efficient for all your needs. Then the big day comes when you take a fun trip with the family, and this is the result.

When You Wanted that Badass Mustache

A man always tries to find new ways to assert some dominance, especially when it comes to physical appearance. So one day you watch a movie and realize just how badass the villain's mustache really looks like. Then your dreams are shattered once reality hits you hard in the face with this.



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