Hysterical Evolution Cartoons That Will Help You Forget About Your Bad Day

Humor | By Ray Porter | October 22, 2017

As humans continue to evolve and adapt to the world around us, and people continue to subscribe to Darwinism, there are some humorous questions to ask about if we really are better than our ancestors. Sure, we are smarter and more functional--but we also do more damage to the world around us. Here are 15 hilarious comics about the future of mankind and the direction that we are heading as a species.

A Terrible Cycle

This comic is both hilarious, and a little bit too real as it shows how quickly we forget to protect the Earth that birthed us. By destroying the Earth we are destroying what allowed us to evolve over millions of years.

The Circle

This shows the fact that technological advancements can seem kind of cyclical. Originally, we aimed to make the mobile phone smaller so that we could use it on the go. However, it seems now we've circled back around, and are trying to make phones bigger.

Times Are Changing

This is a humorous look at how people are dressing down throughout the years. The days of being prudish seem to be done, but this satirical illustration takes it to its logical absurdity by showing how racy we are today.


By "evolution of god" this really means "evolution of what people worship" and the piece is stating that humankind has gone from worshiping deities to worshipping the cold hard dollar. This is a clever satire of both worship and capitalism.


This photo takes the human evolution image to a new level by showing that we will one day be nothing more than barcodes to whatever system is employed in the future. From primate to man to machine, we are on a trajectory that might not involve the natural world.

Take That, Bankers!

This image plays on the distrust of the public and the fact that bankers are seen as parasites due to their role in the financial crisis. It is a clever satire of man's greatest enemies throughout the ages, including the age of capitalism.


This one looks at the cycle of mankind evolving and how we have continued to advance ourselves. The joke here is twofold, first a distract person on their phone has caused a collision--much like in the real world. Secondly, the joke is that mankind has stopped evolving due to the distractions of technology.


This comic jokes that as soon as we became self-aware, we became aware of our own terribly ways. In this image, man instructs the chain of evolution to go back to our humble beginnings, before we were able to do real damage to ourselves and the world.


This comic states that man will not continue to evolve naturally, we will evolve as the fallout of nuclear war. Really these evolutions will be mutations, although hopefully this comic is more joke than reality. At least, we all hope it is.


This is just a simple joke at how man became taller during the process of evolution, but photographers have to get lower and lower to get better shots. It's a clever joke, especially if you happen to be interested in photography.

Writing Implement

From stone, to ink to pencil to the might smart phone, this comic points out how our writing utensil has drastically changed throughout the years, and ends with mobile phones which have largely replaced the need to write at all.

Evolution of Lego

This is a simple, minimalist recreation of the evolution cycle but with the evolution of a lego man instead. The deeper layer here is that it shows how lego have moved from being simple building blocks to being complex characters and franchises.


This image isn't quite as clever as the last few, but is a simple joke about how mankind is getting sloppier and more brutish. As we continue to feed the obesity epidemic, we might be taking our trajectory into the direction of pigs--at least, that's the joke.

Evolution of Homer

This is a lovely recreation of the evolution chart but with everyone's favorite animated cartoon father, Homer Simpson. It seems like a great collector's item for a Simpson's fan, and is a pretty darn nice piece of artwork. Homer even keeps the banana!

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