Unbelievable Beach Trends That You Probably Never Heard Of

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | October 21, 2017

Since social media has risen to popularity every time someone has a good idea, or what they think is a good idea, they can share their ideas on the internet, with pictures included! Sometimes these ideas are actually pretty ingenious and other people will start to share them as well and the idea will go viral. It would be cool to see every trend out there but there are way too many, so incase you missed them here are 10 beach trends that have been shared a lot lately.

What Makes A Trend Viral

Before we get into the trends themselves it is important to know what going viral is. Going viral can happen on almost any platform (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) and it is when you post something that is shared first by your friends but then is picked up by others and shared at an exponential rate.

Different People Will See Different Trends

Unless you are using the search or explore features on any site you only see the posts that your friends have made or reshared. Because of this you will only see viral friends if one of your friends have posted them, therefore depending on your friends interests and your own you will see the posts that apply more to you.

How Far Are People Willing To Go For The Gram

With some of these trends it begs the question, how far are you willing to go for the photo. A lot of these trends seem totally normal and doable, but others seem like they are likely to take hours to prepare. If there is no motivation for doing one of them besides to post it then you have to consider how important to you to get that pic.

Glittery Booty

Here is the first of the beach trends on the list, the glittery booty. This trend was started by artist Mia Kennington, who stated that this was inspired by the long popular sandy booty look, just more sparkly. Mia is a body artist, and on top of starting this trend, hosts lots of body art workshops open to the public.

Twerkin Your Way Out Of The Car

This is one of the more dangerous beach trends on the list. In cities like Miami there has been a recent upsurge in women standing out the top of the sunroofs in cars to twerk along with the music that is playing in the car below. The danger of this is obvious, but on top of that this is actually illegal.

Taking Alllllll The Space You Need

Not only is man spreading a thing, this guy has taken space to the next level and is beach spreading. Beach spreading is where you bring a large structure to the beach to create shade, thus destroying the point of going to a lovely sunny beach. Not only is this silly it also destroys other people's views.

Self Love

Right now one of the most popular and positive trends out there is the body positivity movement. This is most popular and widespread across instagram as a platform because it is an entirely photo based platform that many women think makes people judge the female body type unfairly.

Coca-Cola Showers??

Recently people have started to use Coca-Cola as a self tanner at the beach. This is exactly as bad of an idea as it sounds. Coca-Cola is extremely corrosive and putting it all over your body to get more tan will almost certainly hurt your skin in the long run, perhaps at an even faster rate than just plain tanning.

Off The Shoulder Tops

So impractical, and so cute. Try wearing one of these off the shoulder tops or bathing suits and raising your arms more than 60 degrees from your sides without it scooting its way up to the top of your shoulder or neck. It doesn't matter how impractical they are these tops are the cutest and will continue to stay in style for a long time

Pictures Below Sea Level

There are a couple of ways to do the underwater photo trend. These ladies here have taken advantage of the clear glass pool wall to show off their booties and cute bathingsuits. The other way that these photos can be taken is using an underwater photo in any body of water.

Anything Besides Clothing

Everyone loves to get naked. And at the beach this makes a lot of sense, avoiding tan lines is ideal! This lady here is keeping with her nautical theme by holding up two fish to cover up her bare breasts. At some beaches it is even legal for women as well as men to be topless.

Taking Away The Toplessness

One thing France is well known around the world for is its famous topless beaches. This has been allowed for decades now, but it is starting to decline in popularity. It may actually be because of the internet that this is going down because women are afraid a topless photo of them may be taken and shared.

Swimwear Modest Enough For Your Grandma

In a cool continuation of women more covered up at the beach may we present to you... the Burkini. These burka-bikini combos were designed in Australia by Aheda Zanetti to allow women that are Islamic to be able to go to the beach and still follow their religious convictions.

Which Of These Trends Will You See?

So now that you have seen all of the trends you can look for them in your life and it is likely that you will see some of them. If you live somewhere in the northern hemisphere you will probably have to wait until summer, but if you are lucky enough to live in the tropics you can go out and trend hunt tomorrow!

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