This Is What You Need To Do For A Faultless and Perfect Relationship

Lifestyle | By Charlie Blacks II | October 21, 2017

A lot of people have this sitcom fantasy of how relationships are supposed to go when in reality there's no relationship like Ray Romano's on Everybody Loves Raymond. Relationships don't come with laugh tracks and you can't just skip over the complexities or uncomfortable conversations that are necessary to take your relationship to the next level. Matter of fact, relationships take effort and work on a daily basis to ensure their stability and foundation. With that being said, here are some things you should be doing to instill a faultless and nearly perfect relationship.


There's a reason why Aretha Franklin's hit single 'Respect' is still relevant and alive to this very day. Everyone deserves to be respected at their workplace, in public with strangers, and most importantly in their very own relationship. If there's no respect, there's no relationship.


Your significant other should be one of the most important figures in your support system. Whether it be when they come to you for advice on a life-altering decision, emotionally, and in times of distress. Your life partner should be your side and there to catch you when you fall.


Being compassionate towards your spouse or significant other is a must being that they should be the one to go out of their way to ensure that you are physically and mentally in good health. If you're with someone who isn't concerned about your mental or physical well-being, it's time to end your relationship and look for someone who's genuinely compassionate.

Sense Of Humor

Not everyone has to match your level or sense of humor especially being that everyone isn't your average Jerry Seinfeld but, you should be able to share a joke or something funny with your life partner. No one wants to be with someone who can't take a joke or has Aspergers and can't feel emotional humor.


Successful relationships use goals and check off their list of milestones together in order to progressively maneuver throughout life as a team. Whether they are individual goals or goals as a couple, having the right person by your side will make you feel invincible.

The Little Things

Sometimes, it's not all about conquering the world and chasing the big dreams of a couple as powerful as Jay Z and Beyonce but, to enjoy the simple and little things in life. From enjoying a quiet and simplistic dinner together to watching waves crash at the beach. Sometimes, the small things make all the difference.

Admitting To Your Mistakes

Let's face it, no man or woman walking this earth is perfect and sooner or later we're bound to make a mistake in the midst of our relationships. But, we should all be man/woman enough to not only to admit when we make mistakes but, to be able to clearly communicate about what we've done and ensured that the mistake won't become repetitive.


The lines of communication within a relationship need to stay consistently open. There's no way in the world anyone can have a successful relationship without clear lines of communication. How in the world would you expect to know what your significant other needs if you refuse to communicate with each other? Doesn't work.

Enjoying Each Other's Company

We understand that everyone requires some personal space at times. No one should be subjected to being stuck to the side of their significant other but, you should be able to enjoy the time you spend together. If you don't enjoy being around your significant other, it might be time to chalk your relationship up as a loss.


Your significant other's touch should be one of the most invigorating feelings and sensations you should experience throughout your time spent together. From sharing an intimate kiss to simply holding hands while in public, intimacy is a must need in any successful relationship.

Sex Life

A lot of people might think that this one could be shallow but, a healthy sex life is a must in any relationship. It might take time to figure out what exactly your significant other needs and wants from you but, once achieved the possibilities are endless when it comes to the physical intimacy of your relationship.

Out Of The Box

When in a relationship, it's easy to become stuck into a routine, become bored, and look for sources of excitement outside of your relationship. Which is why we recommend that you come together with your significant other and try something that both of you have never done before. From extreme sports like bungy jumping to something as simple as taking up painting. It will bring you closer to your partner.


Encouraging your significant other to be all that they can be is one thing but, showering them with compliments is a must as well. Sometimes, your significant other's self of esteem might not be as high as it needs to be, which is why we recommend you don't wait for that to happen and regularly compliment your partner as much as necessary.

Through Thick & Thin

Despite what you might think, arguments are a sign of a healthy relationship and is also a sign that you care about each other. But, in the midst of these lows, we have to be able to navigate maturely through our differences and be considerate of our significant other's feelings and emotions.

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