15 Super Weird Things All Couples Do

Lifestyle | By Michael Leon | October 21, 2017

Couples are naturally known for doing cute things together. From hand-holding to making each other breakfast, this is the kind of support that leads to loving, long-lasting relationships. For better or worse, couples also tend to embrace some odd or unconventional habits the longer they remain together. And while some of these things are relatively normal, they aren't necessarily practiced on a regular basis by everyone else. Here are some of the things only a couple truly understands.

Still Writing Love Letters

It's perfectly normal to write love letters during the beginning stages of a relationship. Many even take the time to handwrite them - as opposed to using email - to fully leverage their authenticity. That said, this habit becomes weird when they're still following the ritual five years into a relationship....all while living together.

Sex in Public

This is undoubtedly one of the weirdest things a couple can do, especially the young ones. Sometimes finding a hidden public place is very romantic, but oftentimes you're just rushing through sex in hopes nobody spots you. It may be better (albeit less thrilling) to light up a candle and simply enjoy a good time at home.

Adapting to Something You Hate

Remember how much you hate to dance? How about that Sushi you always despised? Well, someone in a relationship will likely drop some of that dignity just to make the other one happy. It's not surprising to see a guy acting like a completely different person for the sake of appearances. Weird indeed.

Farting Sessions

This one is truly a head-scratcher. There's absolutely nothing sexy or remotely acceptable about farting in front of others. Especially if you've had too much Chinese takeout that month. This is the type of behavior that someone would mock you for mercilessly. Unless you're a couple, of course; it's totally encouraged then.

Walking Around Naked

Here's the naked truth: Exposing yourself under most circumstances will land you in jail and label you a sex offender for life. This is exactly what makes this behavior so intriguing, as couples often do just about anything naked. From cooking to watching TV to ironing, nothing here is off limits. Sweet.

Cooking Dinner Together

Cooking dinner as a couple is often romanticized, especially in movies and TV shows. More often than not, however, this results in disagreement when one person thinks their way is better than the other's. And let's not forget having to stumble and run into one another within that confined kitchen space. Nice gesture? Maybe. Romantic? Hardly.

Staying Up All Night

Remember when you two were new to each other? It wasn't uncommon to stay up all night chatting and watching a nice, romantic movie. As a seasoned couple, sadly, you're only up because of the baby crying or due to that dreadful fight you guys just had.

Karaoke Duets

We have to admit Karaoke nights are kind of awkward. You'd usually see some average Jane (or Joe) forgetting the lyrics and butchering the crap out of your ears in the process. Is this something you really want to do as a couple? At least the memories will last a lifetime.

Dressing Up for Halloween

Throwing on a costume as an adult is downright odd for some people. Dressing up as a couple, however, becomes strangely cute and accepted. At least this one can be fun as you walk all over town scaring the pants out of little Timmy. Just don't go stealing candy.

Watching the Sunset Every Day

This one is definitely more romantic than weird, although there's still something oddly uncommon about it. We generally take this for granted when single, but witnessing the sunrise and sunset as a couple is pure magic. The only difference is that someone is next to us, nothing more and nothing less.

Recreating their First Date

There comes a time when a couple needs to rekindle their romance, and what better way than to embark on a nostalgic trip? You may see two 65-year-olds revisiting the place where they first met, and even undertaking wild activities just like their younger selves. It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye, and a leg, and an arm.

Kissing Under the Rain

We all like to avoid the rain like the plague. Hell, our parents even spanked us for running out and then coming home soaking wet. Not if you're in a relationship, though. Everything suddenly goes out the window and becomes the most romantic (and accepted) move you could possibly make as a couple.

Being Kinky

Sex itself is inherently weird, although enjoyable. The strange part happens when all barriers are broken down and couples start exploring the oddest kinks and fetishes together. From feet smelling to "baby-pretend" sex, nothing here is off limits. But hey, at least this stuff brings them closer together.

Fighting for Makeup Sex

Couples often fight due to life circumstances and the occasional misunderstanding. Others, however, enjoy fighting and arguing purely as a sport. The reward is none other than a sweet, long, sweaty makeup session. A few days later they are back at it again, and the more they fight, the closer they become.

Sharing the Toothbrush

This is yet another thing that's normally appalling to regular people. You don't ever see two siblings sharing a toothbrush, since this would easily ignite World War 3 at home. But everything is fair as a couple, right? They don't even bother cleaning it up it before sharing, because what would be the point?



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