The Animal You See Hiding In This Picture Reveals A Lot About You

Science | By Ian Anglin | October 21, 2017

You have probably seen all the pop-psychology tests in the movies and TV shows - the ones where one of the lead roles has to look at several pictures that look like black ink has spilled over the paper, and tell the psychologist what he really sees. Well, I have some good news for you: the pictures that I have listed today are far more interested than just spilled black ink, and looking at them closely can be a lot more explanatory of your hidden personality traits. Let's try it out:

Is it a Bird or a Crab?

I must admit I had a hard time deciding on this one, I wasn't sure whether I was looking at a bird or a crab. Well, if you saw a bird first, that means you are an outgoing, expressive personality. If you saw the crab, that means you are a happy person with a good sense of humor.

What If You Saw Both the Bird and the Crab at Same Time

Here is a slightly more difficult situation: what if you saw the bird and the crab at the same time? Well, that has a nice explanation as well: that means you are a very sensitive person. As such, you probably show your emotions quite easily.

Did You See a Horse?

At the beginning of this article, I didn't mention how many animals are there in the photo - well, it is not just a bird and a crab. There is also a horse. If you noticed this animal, that means you are a free-spirited person, just as all horses are.

Seeing Dolphins Everywhere

I never saw a dolphin in the original photo, until I saw the above-revealed photo. That's probably good news for me, as seeing the dolphin means a very creative person, and very gifted at creating arts. Who needs artists, there is no money in art, right?

Ducks are Awesome

There are some people that might see a few cute ducklings in the photo. If you are one of those people, you might have had a difficult time noticing these ducks. That's because they were the most well hidden, and that means you have deep focus.

Did You Notice the Puppy and the Bear?

If you are the type of person that first saw the bear, that means you are a natural born leader, which is a very rare trait among people. If on the other hand, you saw the puppy first, that means are probably a kind and nurturing person.

What Do You See in This Picture

Here is a more complicated photo, I had an even more difficult time making out what I see in this one. I'll start listing the different animals you can find here below, but make sure you decide what you see before scrolling down.

Group of Zebras

If you saw a group of zebras, which were arguably the easiest to see in the photo, that means you are a charismatic person. This is not as common as you might think - people try to be funny and charismatic, but few succeed in this endeavor.

The Lion

The lion was at the center of the photo, you could have clearly seen his large brown eyes. I think I may have noticed him first. Well, what that means for you and me is that we have an enormous ego, and we know it! Such a burden, damn.

A Bird Sitting on a Zebra

What kind of person do you have to be to see a BIRD sitting on a ZEBRA? I don't even want to talk to you! Yeah, just kidding, but it is a weird amount of details to notice. This means that you have a remarkable sense for details.

The Lion and the Zebras

This one is fairly common, seeing the lion and the zebras at the same time. Note that lions and zebras are NOT friends in the wild, lions are pretty hateful of the zebras. Seeing this means you can easily change your personality traits for the given situation.

Can You See ALL the Animals in This Photo?

This is not a simple photo of a farmer and his sheep, chilling on a peaceful countryside spot. There are a lot of animals hiding in this photo, and you should look carefully, to try and notice them all. You will find a list of these animals on the next pictures.

There Were Four Animals in the Photo

There were a total of four animals in the previous photo. They were the rabbit, hiding in the left part, the seal hiding in the trees on the far side of the countryside, the monkey hanging from the tree and the donkey lying upside down in the right part.

The Next Photo

Here is a black and white photo, which looks more similar to the photos they show psychopaths in the movies. Don't worry, I'm not testing you whether you are a psychopath or not... or at least not yet! Check out the next photos for more info.

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