15 So-Called Friends Who Shamelessly Stole The Spotlight.

Humor | By Gigi Cummings | October 20, 2017

You're best friend is your ride or die person, they are with you for all the crazy nights out and all the lazy nights in. You two are each others wing person and the best personal photographer and assistant when you need them. You feel like your crew is the ultimate #squadgoals, but obviously you are the star. That is until one of you friends, accidentally or on purpose, steals the spotlights. Thats ok though, you know you both shine when it comes to be adored and being the most awesome person in the room. Here are some great examples of friendship fun and fails.

Anna Wintour And Nicki Minaj

Here these two buds are hanging out at a fashion show. This is where Anna is the real queen of the scene, no one rocks a front row runway like Anna Wintour, and while her dark glasses are iconic at fashion week, Nicki's outfit has really stolen the show.

The New Three Amigos

You want to get the most instagramable, profile pic worthy photo of your vacation, but just laying on some random beach won't do it justice. Thats when you call over your squad to amp up the photo session and really grab peoples attention, like these three buddies.

You Gotta Dress The Part

You can't just go out into the world looking like a drab normal person on such patriotic holidays like The 4th of July, which is why you call your girls to set up a friendship coordinating outfit to really make sure your night out is a memorable one.

When It's All About The Art

You want to have just a normal wedding but your friend who is all about the drama tells you that normal weddings are just so... normal, and you have to spice it up a bit. So you play along with his idea and next thing you know the whole thing is a performance piece and Lady Gaga is in the audience.

Friends Of All Shapes And Sizes

Friendship knows no limits, friendships sees no colors or shapes or sizes, friendship is about stepping up and being a part of your crew no matter what. When you guys got it, you got and and no one can say anything against that. #BFF.

Your Big Day Is Their Big Day

You and your bestie share everything, you both want to experience life with equal amounts of awesome moments. So of course when your friends fiance wants to purpose at your wedding you bust out the bubbly and plan a whole flashmob around the engagement!

Just Monkeying Around

This Chimp knows who is boss, he puts on an adorable front to lure the ladies in, and then before they know it they monkey is getting a bit frisky! But why would they mind, he is going to make them insta famous! Plus they all look so tan in that photo.

No Pits About It

Everyone has that one friend who is on their healthy hippy kick and is constantly wanting you to try their new vegan smoothie or go on a spirit quest in the desert with them. You try and get a cute photo with them and of course their quirks steal the photo!

If You Got It, Flaunt It

You aren't the friend who is necessarily the most well endowed of the group, but that doesn't mean you don't look fine in that hot new outfit you got! Too bad it is kind of hard to over look your friends assets when you two pose together, it's like staring into an eclipse.

Every Body Is Different

You and your bro are both charming and funny and have a great way with the ladies. Your bro just happens to be a bit more blessed when it comes to genetics and natural muscle tone, but that doesn't mean you don't look damn good in the nude.

Who Invited The Twins?

When your friend has a huge pair of knockers it's hard to not watch everyone's eyes casually drift to her chest over long periods of time. She didn't mean to upstage the bride, her twins just needs to make an appearance and be part of the celebration.

The Ying To Your Yang

Complimentary pairs are the best kind of friendships, you both balance each other out. One of your likes football the other prefers shopping, one of you is a six foot tall swedish super model the other one is your shorter but still blonde assistant.

Eating For Two

I believe in solidarity in relationships. When a woman is pregnant and having to abstain from alcohol and eat lots of nutrients, the husband should stand by her side, and if she is eating for two, the husband should too, then you can share maternity pants!

One Of The Girls

It's not fair to leave out one of your friends from a group picture especially not on a tropical vacation together. Well thats what this sting ray thought when it decided it needed to be a part of these girls memories forever, and that was definitely successful.

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