15 Weirdest Toilet Signs That Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

Humor | By Ian Anglin | October 20, 2017

Most of the toilet signs you see around the world, are fairly generic and often repeating. It is a worldwide problem now - no matter where you travel, even if you go to Europe, you are still going to see the exact same signs everywhere. Luckily for us, some people and/or businesses have invested some thought into creating memorable, unique toilet signs. I know this isn't something gravely important, but then again - it is the little things in life that make the difference.

Captain Obvious Signs

These are completely literal, self-explanatory toilet signs - why specify genders and all that useless stuff, when you can just write "FOR STANDERS," and "FOR SITTERS." People will know what to do next, maybe some women want to be standers, right?

Geeks Are Everywhere

Here we have a combination of Captain America, Wonder Woman and R2D2 from the Star Wars universe. This is a great toilet sign, I have just the friend that would love it - only thing that makes me wonder is if this sign is breaking any copyrights?

The Toilet for Winners

This toilet sign could in, fact, be the best one on the list. I'm not entirely sure, I haven't seen the bottom (pun intended) off it, but I can't imagine something being much funnier than a man and a woman sign, "integrated" with the light switches.

Anything Goes Toilet

This is, I guess a transgender toilet, or perhaps a light-hearted joke. Whatever it is, it was extremely funny to see. One weird aspect, you might notice is that the right part, the male part, has a wider leg than the female part. Why?

Going Nuts For the Toilet

Man, I just can't stop with the puns today. Anyway, this one is also a great addition to today's list. We can recognize the male bathroom quite easily by the large screw icon, while the women's nut is almost as equally easy to understand.

Dropping Truth Bombs

Dropping truth-bombs is an idiom and partially sarcasm - it is when you say too many things that are hidden truths at once, that you overwhelm people. Kind of like how Alex Jones over-does it at times. This bathroom is the Alex Jones of bathrooms.

Men Don't Close Lids

That's right, we men don't close the lids - I mean, why should we? Especially in a MAN'S bathroom, or when we are living the bachelor lifestyle? Anyway, women don't have this luxury, as they almost always experience the bathroom with the lid closed.

Are These More Truth Bombs?

I know some may find these toilet signs slightly politically incorrect, but they are just fun banter, which people need to have. Of, course, women are not always right, and men sometimes do close the lid, but it is the jokes that matter.

Transformers Bathroom

I'm not going to play and act like I completely "get" what this toilet is about - yeah, there is a funny Transformers toilet in between the men and the women. Is this for people that can change their gender? Or is the room where the electrical transformer is housed?

Cutest Toilet in the World

This is obviously, by a large margin, the cutest toilet in the whole world. It is a toilet for parents that go together with their kid, but it also has a tiny, yellow door the kids to enter. Who could say no to this? I even want to have kids looking at this picture.

The Metaphysical Toilet

This is a very philosophical toilet sign, it brings many difficult questions to mind. What is the purpose of life? What is the best pizza in the world? And which is the men's and women's toilet here??? I place my bet on the left one being the guy's place.

The Mustache Toilets

The guy who did this one was obviously very creative. Far more creative than my understanding of the world can bring. He made the guy's toilet use a mustache, but then made the girl's toilet use an inverted mustache as their eyebrows.

Serious Business Toilet

This is what I would like the call the "serious business toilet", where obviously, it is not allowed to "laugh at other people's farts." This is not South Park, a place where everyone fats, and there are even TV shows about farts with Terrance and Phillip.

Another Star Wars Toilet

Yeah, this is the second geeky toilet in this list, and trust me; there are far more similar toilets that I didn't publish today. Unique content matters, folks, I shouldn't be repeating myself here. Anyway, Han Solo looks great in this photo.

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