Kylie Jenner Continues To Spar Against Plastic Surgery Rumors

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 20, 2017

One cannot mention Kylie Jenner without also spelling out the term 'plastic surgery'. The two go hand in hand and the internet continues to allege that the 20 year old has undergone not just one but dozens of plastic surgeries. The most recent of these allegations is Kylie undergoing a boob job. Can't her boisterous fans attribute some of her body's transformations to hormonal changes? It seems fame does come at a price after all - everything you do is scrutinized under a microscope.

She did admit to having undergone lip surgery

The young starlet has been bitten by the same bug which has affected her older sibling, Kim Kardashian and has undergone comprehensive lip surgery to completely overhaul her facial expressions. Kylie came clean about this rumor, and admitted getting lip injections.

A boob job

When news broke out back in September that Kylie was undergoing a pregnancy at age 20, her fans started spreading rumors that she got also got a boob job, probably because her before and after pictures showed a significant difference in the size of her chest.

Plastic surgeons add fire to the rumors

While Kylie has been quick to deny these rumors, plastic surgeons think otherwise. Radaronline was so concerned to find concrete evidence of her breast surgery, that they actually surveyed various plastic surgeons, who all agreed Kylie underwent breast augmentation.

Rumors spread elsewhere over her body

For Kylie, rumors are like a contagious disease which runs in the family. It starts affecting them once they reach the age of 18 and starts spreading throughout their bodies. From their lips, their bust and their buttocks.

Kylie gets annoyed with these rumors

Kylie is quick to stump down on allegations of plastic surgery and vehemently denies them with a passion. "It's annoying to hear every day that you're just this fake, plastic person when you're not." Claims the 20 year old.

Kylie's family is getting increasingly concerned

Because of the rumors and her substantial body transformations, Kylie's family members are actually getting concerned about her. They all believe she's trying to become something along the lines of Barbie doll. You know you've gone too far when even Kim thinks you're overdoing it.

Is plastic surgery ethical?

While it's perfectly fine for people who have deformed bodies because of diseases and genetic disorders to undergo plastic surgery, is it moral when otherwise perfectly healthy people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery? Celebrities and politicians alike are on a crusade it seems to change their bodies artificially.

Natural looks are better than artificially enhanced ones

As the side by side comparison of Kylie's before and after plastic surgery shows, she looked much more attractive and down to earth in 2011. In 2014 however, she started looking more like a seasoned celebrity, one whose only goal is to be admired.

Plastic surgery is very popular in the US

More Americans are chasing their dreams of achieving the perfect body which is characterized by a smaller nose, pointier breasts, slimmer bodies and larger bums. While some change their diet and hit the gym, others obsess over plastic surgery.

It's a massive industry

As a result of this depressing obsession, Americans have spent more than $7 billion in surgery procedures alone, that's not even taking into account botox injections. An additional $5 billion were spent on non surgical procedures such as injections and transformations.

The results are not always amazing and can be permanent

Take for instance a botched hairdo. You can always get a second chance at perfecting the your hair, but when you undergo a botched plastic surgery, things are not so easy. As a result postoperative depression is extremely common among patients.

Depressed patients commit suicide

Many patients are unable to come to terms with the fact that their surgery has been botched. They're unable to continue living like an alien and the crippling depression actually turns them towards suicide. IT seems mental health is negatively linked with cosmetic surgeries.

It's a risky procedure at best

Just like the warning labels on beauty products and facial creams, plastic surgeries come with their own risks attached. And when you throw in a patient's own pre existing health conditions such as heart disease, obesity and cancer, it only adds to the complications.

You might not be happy with the results

Think of it this way, you have an endless supply of wigs, if one doesn't work out, you swap it for another. But if a plastic surgery doesn't produce the results you were after? Can you just as easily go under the knife again?

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