15 Ways Women Lie About Their Beauty

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 20, 2017

Women take their aesthetic appeal very seriously. They spend hours in front of a mirror just so they could perfect their facial expressions and sex appeal. In contrast, men are known to be much more laid back about their looks. The psychological burden of appearing beautiful takes its toll on them and they start resorting to enhancing their physical appearance through artificial means. The end result can be hot, or downright hilarious depending on their execution.

Sweat blockers

They are potent enough to turn off the powerful sex drive of aroused men. The sweat which accumulates beneath their underarms is one of the side effects of being turned on. But all that perspiration can ruin your relationships.

Fake hips

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature which sets women apart from men are their extra thick thighs. Men find it as extremely alluring and their eyes drift away from their bosoms to their hips. Which is why women like to exaggerate it as much as possible without appearing fat.

Using fake nipples

An erogenous zone and possibly the most glorified part of the female body, nipples are the key to success in any relationship. If a woman's nipples are not plump, perky and just the right size, it can lead to an early end.

Using sticky panties

The only other option for women to avoid panty lines is going commando, not a good option when in public. So their best bet is using sticky panties. This way those embarrassing panty lines disappear into oblivion and women can flaunt their best dress flamboyantly.


Long eyelashes are a universal symbol of beauty and actually make a woman's eyes more attractive. Eyelashes are the epitome of feminine charms and men will fall head over heels for someone who has those long, curvy strands of hair.

Tummy shapers

A thick belly is not attractive at all and while men can sometimes get away with their beer belly, women immediately go on a diet to shed as much weight as possible overnight. If that doesn't work, they make use of belly shapers, should work until he sees under your clothes.

Artificial nails

Because of their ease of availability and affordability, artificial nails are the best means of making your hands look attractive. Long, shiny and curvy nails are the epitome of female beauty but they are quite inconvenient to use.

Hair extensions

Even the mother of dragons Daenerys needs to put on a wig to create her intimidating and charming aura on screen. The length of a woman's hair defines her overall beauty, and those who are unable to grow them, can always purchase a wig and hair extensions.


The main reason why stockings are so seductive is because they both cover the skin and reveal it at the same time. And you can also change your leg's skin color if you choose to, giving that extra oomph to your seducing skills.

Breast augmentation

It's not just Kim Kardashian who's gone through a boob job. Many women are paying more visits to a surgeon to either increase the size of their breast or give it a more round shape. It can be costly though, so not everyone undergoes breast surgery.

Face uplift

Getting rid of those telltale signs of aging such as skin acnes, freckles and wrinkles is of paramount importance to women. This is doubly true if they have reached a certain age. But truth be told, a good diet can achieve the same results.

Butt implants

Men go absolutely bonkers over women who have a large butt. The way it sways during a catwalk puts them in a daze. But some women go the extra mile and get butt implants to achieve gargantuan levels of proportions.

Contact lens

The color of our iris is something we'll have to live with for the rest of our lives. Some women however are unable to come to terms with the natural color of their eyes, and resort to using contact lens of a color which suits their fancy.

Chin uplift

Chin augmentation surgery is the last recourse for people with droopy skins and unsatisfactory jawlines. All that fat accumulation makes them look older than they really are, making them feel unworthy and unappreciated. Their end goal is to produce a sharper angle to the neck and jawline.

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