15 Amazing (And Weird) Things Your Body Can Do

Science | By Michael Leon | October 20, 2017

Our bodies truly are magnificent. While going about our day may not feel special by any means, it takes the body an insane amount of processing to help us achieve just about anything. From protecting us against a cold to keeping us energized even while starving, the system is capable of performing things most people are shockingly unaware of. In fact, sometimes your body can even give you abnormal capabilities depending on the occasion. Let's find out a lot more about the unbelievable (and strange) things our bodies are capable of.

Some Parts Never Stop Growing

The human body typically stops growing after puberty, but did you know some parts just keep on lengthening? (and no, we're not referring to those private parts). This mainly includes the cartilage found inside your ears and nose, which continues expanding we die.

You Feed the Brain, Not the Stomach

While your stomach growls when hungry, it is actually your brain that needs a large portion of the food. In addition, it is the brain that ultimately lets us know when we're hungry versus full. So the next time people see you eating excessively, just tell them you're sharpening your motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Everyone Has Tongue prints

Fingerprints are widely used for identification and forensic purposes, but did you know the tongue also has its own, unique prints? People don't rely on them nearly as much (you wouldn't want to unlock your phone with the tongue, would you?) but this handy body feature is certainly good to have nevertheless.

We Can Predict the Weather

Our bodies are often stubborn to change, especially with varying environmental conditions. Whenever it rains or snows, air pressure can sometimes cause your joints to swell up. While the difference is usually subtle, a person can effectively predict the weather by paying enough attention to their body.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Our brain is so complex that it will occasionally do things that are downright bizarre. One such event is known as Exploding Head Syndrome, in which you hear an imaginary loud sound that is as real as the actual thing. Examples may include an explosion, a gunshot, or other startling noises.

We Have Distinct body Odor

We may not necessarily notice it on a daily basis, but our body odor tends to change as we age. Have you noticed that newborns and grandparents may carry a distinct smell? That explains it. So grab on to this excuse the next time someone accuses you of smelling awful.

Our Nose Picks Up Thousands of Scents

Recognizing a fart is no rocket science, but being able to detect thousands of smells truly requires magnificent body skill. This is exactly what your nose can do, as scientists say it can tell from about 50,000 different scents throughout your lifetime. Impressive!

We Shed Lots of Hair Everyday

It's no wonder so many of us go bald prematurely. While some people are actively removing their head hair through kinky sex or excessive fighting, your body also sheds a small portion all on its own each day. That's right; between 60 and 100 strands leave your head and run for the hills, whether you like it or not.

We Also Shed Our Skins!

Speaking of shedding against our will, our bodies act a lot like snakes as a way of keeping itself healthy. The body sheds its outer skin cells roughly once per month in favor of producing new ones. Sadly, this doesn't explain the reason why you don't like what you see in the mirror, as appearances stay largely intact.

Laughter Helps You Live Longer

Did you know that a good laugh can help keep your blood flowing? Watching a funny TV show for even 20 minutes is enough to keep the blood pumping, so be sure to keep a grin for a healthier, longer life. Don't walk around smiling, though. That's just creepy.

We Possess Super Strength

Your adrenaline level can do truly amazing things. While you may not be able to lift a bus by yourself, your system can trigger some much-needed strength to pull off more rational (yet grueling) activities. This may include moving a 400-pound boulder to save the life of a loved one, and much more.

Men Are Constantly Erect

Ladies, this one may be a blessing in the event you're needy at night. Gentlemen, this one may be a curse if you're all alone and single. Men are known to have erections every one hour or so while they sleep, which actually explains those morning boners you're so used to.

Our Tongues Have Different Taste Buds

Your tongue is a pretty interesting body part, as it's not just useful for licking lollipops. Different areas in the tongue are partly responsible for detecting specific tastes. These may range from sweet to sour to bitter, all depending on the intensity of said flavor in your food.

The Body Adapts to Your Weight

Gaining as little as 12 pounds of fat can decrease your metabolism, and we all know how hard it becomes to lose that weight again. Thankfully, your body has an incredible ability to adapt, since your metabolism can come back even stronger with proper health choices and exercise.

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