15 Red Flags You Are Dating Someone That Is Wrong For You

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 20, 2017

Relationships are inherently risky business - you never know how much you can trust the person with you. Sometimes you think you know a guy, only for him to turn his back on you - at the moment when you need him the most. Luckily for us, most types of people that are ill-suited for our needs, give off certain "red flags." A red flag is something that gives away a person's true intentions - despite what their words are saying.

He Checks Out Other Women

This one is a dead giveaway. You are walking the street, or maybe you are in a shopping mall, and some skimpy-clothed girls come out of a coffee bar. What your boyfriend does is the following: he simply forgets you exist. Sometimes he even turns his head around to look at them.

He Takes Ages to Respond Back

Your boyfriend acts like the HR department of a large corporation, perhaps IBM or something. You send him a text message or try calling him, and he gets back to you a few hours later - in some cases, some guys have been to call back days later.

The Dates Have Dried Up

If after a few years of being together, you stop "dating," this may be a bad omen for your future. He doesn't have to take you out every week, but he should try at least once every few months, and especially on your anniversary.

He Is a Snitch

Everyone hates snitches - especially the dudes in prison! Just kidding, but yeah, if you sometimes tell your guy something in confidentiality, and then he blurts out the thing at anyone who listens, he is definitely not for you and should get promptly dumped.

He Shows Off Special Photos

All couples have special photos, some couples even have intimate photos. Just think of how many celebrities have had their nudes hacked via the iCloud hack. Anyway, it is a red flag if your guy shares your special photos with other people.

He Never Says Nice Things

Everyone hates negative people - I especially hate the whining guys. This is all very natural and healthy - negative people bring us down, and they break down our inner ambition. They are energy suckers in the literal sense of the word.

He Lies Like There is No Tomorrow

I have a friend that lies a lot, he lies like there is no tomorrow. He even does this for trivial stuff - it doesn't matter to him, what matters is the emotional rush of lying. He lost his girlfriend, as most girls leave guys like him.

He Calls You Fat

Calling someone fat is actually okay if it a good-natured joke, or some basic bantering between guys. If you do have weight problems, and he calls you fat, then you clearly have a large problem, that needs immediate solving, or a breakup.

He Cheats... a Lot

I'm slightly joking with the title. There is no minimum amount of cheating that is okay, let's make that clear. But yeah, if a guy cheats, or does some hardcore flirting with women, that is an obvious red flag and can speak volumes about your potential future problems.

He Treats You Like Garbage

I did use a girl that carries trash in the above photo, but I'm not writing here about guys that treat you like literal garbage. I'm just saying, you don't need a guy that treats you like you are worth less than him, because you aren't. You are both equally worth.

He Manipulates Like Brad Pitt in Oceans Eleven

Brad Pitt had an awesome role as "Rusty" in the epic movie Ocean's Eleven. I don't like the other movies in the franchise, but that Is a topic for a different day. For now, just know that you don't need a guy that manipulates you like a mouse does Swiss cheese.

He Calls You Spoiled

Again, as with calling people fat, this is utterly okay, if done in a joking way or with someone close as a bartering tool. But if you are sincerely sad, and your boyfriend calls you a weak, whiny brat or spoiled kid, he doesn't really want to be with you, I'm sorry.

He Has a Lot of Female Friends

It is normal for a guy to have female friends, I mean it is 2017, bordering on 2018. Some guys even keep ex-girlfriends as friends, it doesn't really matter. I'm joking - of course, this is a terrible idea, and you should never date a guy that is friends with his ex.

He is Friends With Someone He Was Dissing

Psychopaths and other evil people have one common trait: They can rapidly change their mind on any topic and have no concrete opinion on anything. If your guy frequently hates on people and then becomes their friend - I'm sorry to tell you, but he may be a psycho or a narcissist.

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