20 Really Funny And Weird Things To Do As A Couple

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 20, 2017

When you are in a long term relationship. It's easy to get caught up in a routine that after time can become kind of monotonous. Couples often start to feel trapped when they realize that they have been doing the same thing day after day with their partner, their life feels like it's not exciting anymore.This can result in an unnecessary breakup that could have been prevented if you two had just put a little more effort into keeping things interesting. Here are some fun things to do as a couple that will help keep the spark alive.

Go For A Couples Massage

Indulge in each other and your relaxation in a soothing environment. Laying side by side while you each get a full body rub down can not only be tranquil for you but make you happy that the other person is getting pampered too, and could put you both in the mood for a little after fun.

Write A Love Letter

You tell each other "I Love You" over text and before bed all the time. But those words are so fleeting and there isn't really much actual meaning behind them. Write your partner a love letter to give them something to read over and over again to know just how special they are.

Cook Dinner Together

Cooking as a couple can be fun in so many ways. You are both doing an activity that require spending time together, you are creating something delicious and it's a relaxing thing you can do at home at any night of the week. Spice things up a bit and cook in the nude.

Spend All Night Talking

Remember in the early stages of your relationship when you two would stay up all night talking and laughing. Not realizing the time until the sun starts to rise. Well try and put yourselves back into that little dreamy love land again and enjoy the beautiful company of your loved one.

Sing A Karaoke Duet

It might feel cheesy in the moment, but let go of any of your inhibitions and sing a fun love song together one night at karaoke. It will make you both laugh hysterically and give you two moments together that you can look back on in silliness for a long time.

Plan A Couples Halloween Costume

Make it a point to go out to a halloween party in a couples costume. It doesn't have to be something serious, make it as funny and weird as possible in order to keep your both in hysterics all night. It will bring you both together having to be forced to be in a silly outfit for a whole night together.

Kiss On The Top Of A Ferris Wheel

Movie moments are memorable for a reason, and while it might seem lame to embrace the cheesy romantic side to things like that, it actually makes for a really nice memory that can help reignite some spark between the two of you.

Watch A Sunrise And Sunset In One Day

When you need a little perspective in life and just to slow down and really appreciate the moment, watching a sunrise and a sunset can be just the thing. The beauty and peacefulness of these two wondrous moments are something that when shared in a couple is magical.

Climb To The Top Of A Mountain

Conquering something together physically is a really amazing bonding experience because it is a personal challenge made successful by doing it together. Nothing feels better than looking out from a tall peak with the one you loved after conquering a mountain together.

Make Love In A New Place

Whether its a quickie in the bathroom of the restaurant you are having lunch or under the stars in a field in the countryside. Make love in a place that you have never done it before and embrace the fantasy of such an experience in a way that will fuel your naughtiest thoughts for a long time.

Take A Bubble Bath Together

Being in a bath together is not only relaxing but such a sweet moment together. Your bodies are intertwined, you are both just happy to be together in a moment alone. The bubbles make it fun and the naked time allow it to turn into a sexy experience.

Learn To Tango

Of really learning any type of couples dance will give you both such a fun experience that you two can share together. And how fun is to to be able to bust out some awesome moves that will shock everyone at the next wedding where you both tear up the dance floor.

Go Skinny Dipping

Stripped down to your birthday suit in public and bravely plunging into the water in the middle of the night is a sure way to make you both feel like kids again. It is reckless and exciting and such a look back moment that you both will be able to share forever.

Take A Tandem Bike Ride

What a picture perfect moment for both of your to be zooming down the road on a tandem bike together, laughing and enjoying the surroundings while the person in the front does all the work and the person in the back enjoys the view, just like a movie.

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