15 Amazing Photos Proving Emma Watson Is The Sexiest Star Ever

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | October 20, 2017

Emma Watson stole all of our hearts as the spunky little Hermione in the Harry Potter Movies, but over the years she has really blossomed into a talented, classy and altruistic young woman. Not only are her looks a ten but her good will and morals are something that everyone can aspire to and learn from. Here are some pictures of Emma Watson that prove just how incredible of a beauty she is, but how all around incredible she is.

Emma's Classic Red Carpet Looks

Emma is always on point when it comes to style and there is no better place to showcase her beauty than on the red carpets. Here you see her classic fashion combined with her mage watt smile that gives her super star status.

Where It All Began

Emma Watson is a known British actor, and her parents are of British and Turkish descent. But Emma was not born in either of those country. Emma was born in Paris France on April 15th 1990, such a worldly girl!

It Runs In The Family

Emma has a lot of siblings who have been around her for her whole life. She has a full younger brother named Alexander, a half brother and two half twin sisters. Her parents divorced when she was five where she moved out to Oxford with her siblings and mom.

She Has Always Loved Acting

Emma has always been a little performer. She attended the Stagecoach Theater Arts School at Oxford where she studied singing, acting, dancing and theater. Obviously she excelled in all of these areas making her a real star from the beginning.

From Nobody To Harry Potter Super Star

Before Harry Potter, Emma had never acted professionally. Her school teachers suggested to her that she find an agent and try out for the british role in a movie based on a children's book. It was then that she decided to take a chance and try out for the role Hermione Granger.

J.K. Rowling Knew From The Start

Emma Watson went through eight auditions before landing her very first movie role as Hermione in the Harry Potter film. Although it was a long process, author on the books, J.K. Rowling, knew from her first screen test that she was perfect for the part.

An Instant Celebrity

Emma was only eleven years old when the first Harry Potter Movie, "The Sorcerers Stone" was released in 2001. And although she was very young she had no idea how big of an impact the movie would make to a generation, being one of the most influential phenomenons of the decade.

A Harry Potter Family

Emma has stated many times that the Harry Potter cast is more than friends, they are like her family. She gushes about how co-stars Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter and Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley in the movie are like her brothers.

Fame and Fortune

Before she was seventeen years old Forbes estimated Emma Watson was worth around $4 million. She was also named "Highest Grossing Actress Of The Decade" by the Guinness Book Of World Records, sighting her film work in the past decade has frosted over $5.4 billion.

Trying To Break The Mould

Emma's career in the Harry Potter world at such a young age and into her adulthood has been such a huge part of her identity that now that she is done with that role she is having a hard time breaking from her Hermione roots and transforming her career past the Harry Potter image.

A Style Icon

One thing that Emma has found a love for in all of this fame and Hollywood business is her love for fashion. Emma constantly graces the best dressed lists on every red carpet event and she has been spokeswoman for many high end fashion lines.

A Hair Transformation

In 2010 Emma took to the scissors to try once and for all to shake her Harry Potter little girl image and show the world just how much she has grown up. She chopped off her long curly locks and debuted a fresh pixie cut to go along with her mature state of being.

An Thirst For Knowledge

Despite her high celebrity status, Emma decided in the fall of 2009 to being to attend Brown University, an Ivy League school in the states, where she studied to get her degree in Literature. Always the one to push herself to be her best person possible.

Activist Emma

Emma is a proud feminist who has spoke out at many women's rallies in support of women's rights throughout the world. Some of her speeches and comments have made headlines in paving the future for women all over the world and in many cultures.

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