Archeologists Found an Egyptian Coin with an Alien Head Inscribed

Science | By Ian Anglin | October 19, 2017

Humanity has always been fascinated with the stars, but not everything is so great about them. Thousands of people believe that there may be different kinds of alien species throughout the universe - and many of them could be hostile towards us. We don't have a second Earth, we have no alternative homeworld, so I can understand the fear these people have. Today, I'm going to be reviewing the case of an old Egyptian coin that shocked the Archeologists that found it.

Are There Extraterrestrials?

This is one of the founding questions many people have, and today's discovery of this mystic coin, could help take this mystery to another level. Just imagine the face of the archeologists that found this coin - I bet they couldn't sleep for days.

The Coin Reads "We will return in 2050"

I'm not making this up - it appears that one side of the coin has an actual text inscribed (obviously, in a different language to ours), that researchers believe says We will return in 2050." Now that is some spooky stuff.

The Coins Were Made in 2070 BC

On the other side of the coin, there is the following inscribed text: "Opportunus Adest," which means "It is here, in due time." I must say, even the other side of the coin is not much better than the previous "We will return in 2050" stuff.

The Coins Were Discovered During a House Renovation in Southern Egypt

According to the website that first broke the news,, "A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins." It appears that there may be more coins to be unveiled in the future.

Another Coin Looks Like a Spaceship

The second one, which was revealed a few days later, and you can see above, is said to potentially be depicting a "spaceship" hovering above the ground. I can definitely see this, but I do wonder what are those items beneath the spaceship?

The Coins Resemble the Classical Idea of an Alien

According to the site, most UFO hunters take the coins as realistic and confirm that they indeed describe a planned return of the alien race sometime in the future. Since the Ancient Egyptian (probably) weren't harmed, perhaps we won't be either.

Flying Saucer Coin

Here is a slightly scarier looking photo - this one isn't a normal looking spaceship - rather, it resembles a "flying saucer," a well-known type of UFO, usually seen in older Sci-Fi and horror movies. There are few more similar coins down in this list.

Will the Aliens Return?

Here is another coin, whose photo was taken at a slightly different angle, but it does resemble the previous coin - the one that had a flying saucer on it. I'm starting to think that this may in fact be very, very real.

Could UFO's visited earth thousands of years ago?

According to a few British tabloids that covered this story, the inscription could, in fact, be an Ancient Greek one, instead of an Egyptian. The alien's head most closely resembles the ones called "Grey Alien," which you've probably seen in the movies.

Gigantic "Alien City' Discovered Beneath the Gulf of California

If the previous story wasn't enough of a shocker for you, I have few more lined up. This one is about a Google Maps "discovery," which alien spotters claim is an indisputable proof that an alien city could be hiding in plain sight - in California.

This Photo Shows a Massive Pyramid

"This is an amazingly large alien base," wrote Scott Waring, a publisher of the UFO Sightings Daily. "It's huge so there's no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico." Indeed, Mexico is home to a large amount of UFO sightings.

They Say the Photos are 100% Verified

According to the UFO spotter I previously quoted, there was a 100% chance of the object being "an intelligently made structure." I have also gone ahead and added an even more realistic looking analysis of such an alien object.

"It's so close, so accessible that it has to be explored further"

Scott continued the interview, claiming that "It's so close, so accessible that it has to be explored further." "Maybe the Discovery Channel, History Channel or National Geographic would fund such a mission and make a show." We'll have to wait and see if that happens.

Could Aliens Be Hiding Among Us?

Waring ends the interview with reporters, saying: Even if this is not a UFO that landed in the ocean that was being used as an alien base, it still is a monumental discovery." This conclusion obviously begs further questions, which we will try to cover on CultureHook.

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