The Inspiring Story of a Cute 2-Legged Cat Who Lives In Mexico (With Photos)

Inspiration | By Ray Porter | October 19, 2017

There is a lot of cruelty in our world today. There is homelessness, starvation, great poverty, cheat, and even crimes such as murder. And those are just the things we do to other humans. As a race, we have shown a complete and utter disregard for nature. Animals are farmed in horrid conditions and natural habitats decimated daily. Without doubt there are still people with a good heart who cares about animals, like this little cat, who was destined to die, but this family gave a second chance ...

City of Guadalajara

In the City of Guadalajara, there are hundreds of thousands of animals in the streets, especially dogs and cats. Often, it's because their owners can no longer care for them or have simply tired of them, but there is an even more appalling reason for this barbarous act.

Life of a Stray

Even more cruelly, they abandon those animals who suffer from illness or have a physical defect that they no longer want to care for. The life of a stray animal particularly a smaller and ill or handy capped stay animal is extremely hard.

Abi the 2 Legged Cat

This was how "Abi" was cruelly treated and left in an alley, suffering cold and hunger. She was so thin that it looked like a sack of bones trying to walk from one side to the other with a lot of difficulty.

The 'Bunny' Cat

The nights were cold to the bone and the days so dangerous. It is not just a dog eat dog world out there, but a dog eat cat world too. Especially on the streets where starved stray dogs tried to attack the poor helpless kitten, to feed on her.

Abi's Saviour

One afternoon in the neighbourhood Abi had found shelter on the streets, an 11-year-old girl was passing by and heard a strange noise, it sounded like an explosion. She investigated and found the source of the noise was a fuse box near the power pole.

A Horrible Smell

She was a smart girl and realized something had caused a short. Then she smelt it, a very strong burnt hair smell caught the attention of the young girl. Dread filled her and she wondered what could have caused the accident?

A Sight for Soar Eyes

As the young girl looked to the place from which the smell and sound had come, she suddenly realized that there was a tiny creature stuck between some loose wires. It was Abi, the poor kitten that had been abandoned!

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

She had been trapped when she had tried to flee from the predators of the street. The girl took pity on the helpless animal, who could barely meow and was completely and severely burned on its front legs, her wounds were extremely worrisome.

The Extent of Her Issues

Carefully she took her scarf and covered the cat with it so she could inspect the damage, but when she got up, she realized something horrific. The kitten was in worse health than she imagined. Her legs and forelegs were mutilated.

Proper Care

Without thinking twice, the girl ran to her mother, Angelica Fuentes, so that together they could help the kitten; however, when the woman saw the state of the cat, she fainted from the terrible suffering and wounds that the poor animal had sustained.

Still More Problems

The severe burns on his legs had become infected, giving off a terrible odour that had caused the woman to faint. Fortunately, both the woman and the cat were treated and after a few hours Angelica was back at home

The Operation

"Abi", however, had to be operated on urgently, because if her legs were not amputated, the infection would spread and could reach her brain, ending Abi's life in a very slow and painful way. The veterinarians headed the call and within a few hours, they finished a successful operation.

A Long Recovery

After 30 days of recovery, the kitten was taken home with the girl who saved her, because she decided to adopt Abi. At first, the girl's family was a bit awkward with the presence of Abi, but little by little, they realized that she was like any other loving pet.

A New Family

Eventually Abi formed a strong bond with the family. No doubt the love of that kind girl and her mother's care for the kitten paid off and in a matter of months, all of Abi's wounds healed completely, her coat grew smooth and healthy again.

A Few Years On

Today, the little 3-year-old Abi walks all over the house, and has even learned to climb up and down the stairs! "I feel sorry for the people who do not value the lives of animals, they do not know all the love that they are missing, we feel that for Abi, it is a kitten full of love, no matter how it looks outside, it is an important part of our family"



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