15 things you should never say to your boyfriend

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 19, 2017

It is hard to start a relationship from scratch, much less maintain it for the long haul. It doesn't help things much if you act like a complete moron and talk your way into problems which you can frankly do without. You might just hit a nerve somewhere down the line and he may never look at you the same way ever again. Here is a comprehensive collection of 15 things which you should never, ever say to your boyfriend.

Never mention his ex

We understand you don't have a soft spot for your boyfriend's ex and just can't contain all that hate loathing inside. But refrain from spilling over your true feelings to your boyfriend because he'll start thinking you're jealous and insecure.

Don't divulge certain secrets to him

Some of the secret rumors you've been hearing about your boyfriend's closest male friends should best be kept a secret. Because if he ends up loathing his best friend on account of you, he'll think quite negatively of you as well.

Don't even remotely suggest you have a cute friend

Boys have a crazy, wild imagination and the one thing which constantly rings in their minds throughout the day is sex, sex and more sex. So if you mention how good one of your friends is in bed, he'll start putting two and two together and assume you're asking for a threesome or something.

You make him privy to your insecurities

Your boyfriend chose to love you despite the presence of flaws (or lack thereof). It's human nature to become insecure about certain features of your body. Here's a novel idea, don't alert your boyfriend to your insecurities because it could lead up to feelings of disgust.

Don't mention how good another man is in bed

Men hate competition. Especially when it comes to sexually satisfying their women, it's just how they're hardwired. So when you bring up the rumors about how a certain someone is good in bed, your boyfriend starts assuming you're in love with the other guy or something.

It's not a good idea to complement his dad

Sometimes even senior men retain the glory days of their youth and make quite an impression on young women such as you. If that is the case with your boyfriend's dad, do NOT bring it up or he'll think you're trying to become his mom or something.

Encouraging him to 'man up'

While your words were designed with the best of intentions to spring him into action so he could get that promotion at work, or stomp down on his bullies - what they really do instead is hurt his manhood. You'll only push him on the defense.

Stop mentioning your ex ever now and then!

While you may still be recovering from a traumatizing relationship with an ex, it is not a good idea to bring up the topic in front of your boyfriend. Why? Because he'll assume you still have feelings for hi

Don't be an extremist feminist

Discussing the plight facing women might make you seem like an intellectual at first, but constantly hammering him with 'empowerment of women' will only serve to angst him up. Things are not looking very good anyway for extreme feminazis.

You hate his parents

It's natural to not get along with someone. And if it turns out to be your boyfriend's parents, it's best you keep this to yourself. Remember, he loves and respects his parents more than you - for now at least.

That other guy is very hot

Your boyfriend is aware of the fact that you might be attracted to guys other than him, the same way he's attracted to girls other than you. But some things are best left unsaid. So don't admit that a certain guy is really hot.

The impending danger of becoming a parent

Some men dread the idea of having children and want nothing to do with them. Too much work and responsibility. If you're his girlfriend, you should know this already. If your boyfriend wants a child, he'll make it known to you - just don't make him think you're pregnant or something.

That you don't like a certain feature about him

Men are extremely insecure (just like women) when it comes to their physical features. When they're around you, these feelings of insecurity begin to slowly fade away. SO when you mention something you find particularly nasty, it will rob them of this feeling of being 'special' and make them more averse to you.

Don't tell him about your male boss

If there's one thing that makes men feel jealous, it's another man who has authority over you, especially your boss. The mere act of mentioning your male boss to him can start ringing alarming bells in his mind - he'll conjure up a porno scene where the guy is banging you or something.

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