15 Wild Photos That One Just Can't Ignore

Weird | By Ray Porter | October 19, 2017

Every one and a while in life you have to stop and look around. Sometimes we don't notice how bizarre our situation is until we get a comment from a pair of eyes that are on the outside looking in. When we're caught up in our own world, we might not even notice how weird the world around us is. Here are 15 bizarre, wacky and wild photos that demand your attention.

One Color

This is pretty darn bizarre. You don't always see dyed animals--or, you hardly ever see dyed animals. Here, both the woman's pets are painted purple for some reason. To make things weirder, she herself is dressed in the same color!

Let's Be Real...

Let's be real, what activities could someone possibly have planned that require all of these gadgets and toys. Keep in mind this post is far from PG+13, but it seems like these girls are planning for an extremely wild night.

Don't Look At Me!

This is the perfect shield if you don't want anyone to come close enough to hurt your feelings or figure you out by reading your facial expressions. Come too close to her, and you're in for a world of pain, buddy.

Bad T-Shirt Designs

Look, the world is full of horrible t-shirts that people decide to wear for insanely bizarre reasons, but this one might take the cake. Why you'd want to wear a too tight white T with this written on it is beyond me. But the situation is sure to stay that way if you continue wearing it.


This is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. It's like someone filled a truck with our worst nightmares. This looks like it was rejected from a horror movie for being 'too scary.' If I saw this in real life I would run away in the opposite direction.

Following Instructions

It's weird because whoever wrote this graffiti definitely didn't believe someone would follow the instructions of this cartoon guy. However, this girl decided to break all the rules and it makes for a hilarious photo, and one that doesn't require context.


This photo shows that if you're hot enough, you can get away with being as weird as you'd like. This woman is dressed up in a creepy costume that is a cosplay of Jinx from the popular game, League of Legends!


Talk about a poor choice of license plate. Keep in mind it doesn't really say what you think it does when you look the first time, but it doesn't matter. The letters are too close together and it makes the entire thing very incriminating.

Not Even Subtle

Here's a gross thing to do on public transport! These two probably think they're being sneaky but it could not be more obvious and they shouldn't be doing this in public. It's just weird, bizarre and a little bit gross.


This is why you should always be careful about where you buy food. Photos like this can scare you out of ever wanting to eat in public again, and maybe they should. This rat has free roam in that cage--think about all the people who ate from there! Gross!

`A Weird Little Critter

Honestly, I think this little guy or gal is actually kind of cute--but I can see why people would say it's creepy. Regardless, it's definitely a strange beast and worthy of a second look. Nature really can amaze us with its creations, can't it?

Mommy's Products

This is what happens when you let your kids roam free. They love to terrorize things and you can see their destruction here. For whatever reason, they look absolutely amazed--and that's really what makes the whole photo hilarious.

Who Lives In A...

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This guy, apparently. It's hard to know if this haircut is cool and practical, or too out there. It really toes the line, and it is hard to know if we're laughing at him or with him.

Not Really What They're For

This choking hazard involves a kid not really understanding the concept of a condom. While he is using it as a contraception, he's definitely not using it in the way that it was designed. IMagine walking past this on the street!

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