The 15 Craziest Offers People Have Ever Turned Down

Weird | By Ray Porter | October 19, 2017

We've all had to face at least one ethical challenge in our lives. One of those situations when the one option is so easy and we get so much for doing it but we just feel really wrong about it. A toned down example it seeing someone drop a hundred dollar note. Do you take it or do you go through all the effort to call that person back and hand it back to them? Sure you get a big smile, but you could have been a 100 dollars richer just by picking up the note.

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like Christmas

This righteous staff member was approached at his work Christmas party by the boss's wife. She offered him a threesome with her and his boss. After he declined multiple times she even offered an additional $5000 incentive. He stuck to his guns and things never even got awkward afterward.

A Subtle Proposal

This guy turned down a proposal from the girl of his dreams because she proposed a little bit too early, and he wasn't really feeling it. He said it caught him off guard, and that it was difficult to say no in front of so many people.

Casino Royale

This honest samaritan turned down a potential $10k! A man won $150,000 at his table and attempted to tip him $10,000 of his winnings, but because it was a government casino the employee had to turn down the offer!


This story is a little less severe, but a guy at a local taco stand saw a drop an entire wad of $100 bills while waiting in line for some delicious tacos. When he returned the money to the person who dropped it, the guy didn't even say thanks!

Decimal Point

This 16 year old got his first paycheck but it came with a slight mistake. The bank made a mistake with one of the decimals, and this fella almost earned a lot more money than he should have. He came clean, and ended up getting a small raise for his honesty.

Not Committing a Crime

This one should be a no brainer, but in the moment it can still be hard to resist the urge. Obviously you should never engage sexually with someone who is not in the right mind. Luckily this guy new that, and turned down someone attractive who came onto him because she was too high.


This guy had a crush on a girl throughout high school, and was dating a total dirtbag. One day his crush asked him if she should go out with her best friend (who wasn't him) and he said yes because he was not selfish. His crush is now happily married to her best friend and has two kids.


This guy found a wallet with more than $1000 in it, but decided to return it to the hotel's lost and found, even though he was a broke college student at the time. He ended up getting a long thank you message from the guy as his reward.


This guy was in love with his ex-wife and they had a family together. Eventually she asked if they wanted to get back together, and through willpower he was able to say no and find happiness in being alone. Now he is much happier than he would have been otherwise!

Staying Faithful

As the legend goes, this one guy was visiting a new city and was offered a threeway by two hotties. He turned i down because he was engaged, and even though he knew he wouldn't get caught, he wanted to do the right thing and stay faithful.

A New Leaf

This recovering drug addict found a nightmare scenario for someone who is a risk of relapsing. He found two bags filled to the brim with heroin and other narcotics but turned it down because he wanted to stay clean! Way to go!


This guy got a call from a close friend of his who was an absolute mathematical wizard. The offer was for the two of them to become money laundering partners. He turned down the offer and his friend made $250,000 in a single year and was never caught!


This guy turned down his crush when she came onto him at her house. The story is that he walked her home because she seemed drunk, but when she made a move on him he knew he had to do the right thing and leave.


While suicide is by no means an "alluring offer," for people who are suffering from depression it can feel like it is. In this personal story, a guy talks about overcoming the allure of killing himself, and he is now in a much better place after getting the help he needs for his medical condition.

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