The 15 Most Painfully Awkward Situations That Make You Want to Live Under a Rock

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered, "What makes an awkward situation" awkward? Many different things could add the "spices" in order to make any situation awkward. Over the years, people have encountered the most awkward situations EVER. Awkward situations are not only uncomfortable, but they can be extremely stressful because you just do not know how you can get out of it. Going through awkward situations is a part of life; it is something you just cannot get out of. Let us review some awkward moments that could potentially make you want to live under a rock!

Just Swatting the Flies

That awkward moment when you THINK the person across the hallway is waving at you, but... How many times have you "waved" at someone who was not even waving at you? This painfully awkward situation is one many can relate to.

Yes, I Was Talking to Myself

Have you ever been having a conversation and halfway into it you realize something... The person you thought you were talking to had their Bluetooth in their ear the entire time. Yes, you may now slowly sink into your seat because there is no way out of this situation.

I Can Read English, pfft.

You were in a hurry this morning and you kept pushing the door so it would open, but it did not? Then when you look closely, you notice that the door says pull. Did anyone notice you making a fool out of yourself? If not, then you are extremely lucky.

BRB, Going to Bury Myself

When you were at McDonalds, you ordered more than half of the menu, right? When you get to collect your food, the server says, "Enjoy your meal," and you reply with "Thanks you too." After this, the server looks at you as if you are an extraterrestrial creature because WHO SAYS THAT?

Abort Mission

Have you ever typed a very long, meaningful text and then accidentally sent it to the wrong person? How awkward can things get after you send the wrong person a message that was so important to you? Like how do you act after that in front of the person who received it?

Probably the Biggest Regret

Stalking someone on Instagram or Facebook is a hobby for some people. This job is for true professionals because you have to be careful about NOT liking some old post. Have you ever liked someone's 2-year-old Instagram post "by mistake?" How awkward would that make things?

Are We Supposed to Hug or Shake Hands?

You are going to meet someone after a very long time, and the first thing you do is to hug him or her. You go in for a friendly hug, but all they wanted was a handshake... UMMM. Not really a situation you want to find yourself in.

I Am SO Sorry

Shopping can be hectic especially when you cannot find your size. While you are still in a different state of mind, you ask someone what your size is and they look at you with a blank face. That is because that person does not work at the store. Congratulations, you just made a fool of yourself.

No I Do Not Have a Disease

In complete silence, have you ever started coughing? Unfortunately, when you are coughing in a room that is completely silent, there just has to be 50 coughs that come after it. You keep coughing and people give you the nastiest looks ever. As if you have Ebola or something.

I Am the Funniest Person I know

Sometimes, being modest is not bad. However, how do you expect all the people that you are surrounded by to understand this? Being in a public situation and laughing out loudly is the most awkward thing ever when you cannot just help keep your mouth shut!

The Singer Sang the Song Wrong

During an epic jam session, how awkward would it be to sing the wrong lyrics with confidence and the highest volume? Yet you still manage to do this because of the person you are, HAHA. Singing the wrong lyrics with confidence just makes the situation even more awkward.

It Is Not My Birthday Today...

You love being the center of attention except when it is your birthday. Your entire class gathers around you to sing the most melodious happy birthday song ever and you just sit there like "whaaaat..." Are you supposed to nod or clap for yourself? Just do not make the situation more awkward.

Probably Going to Stay Single Forever

Being in love is beautiful, but when you see 11 year olds confessing their love, you contemplate your entire existence. Do they even know what love means? Moreover, if their love is real, then your situation gets awkward, where is your "love"?

Everyone Just Had to Quiet Right now

You are sitting at a table with all your friends, talking about random things. The volume keeps increasing so you decide to say something stupid and that is when everyone gets quiet. With everyone's locked on you, you sit there like the most stupid person in the entire world.

Talking Like a Madman at a Workplace

When you have been listening to music on full volume for a very long time, you go partially deaf. With your ears not working, you do not know what volume to use within the premises of your work. You open your mouth and say something as loudly as you could and everyone turns around to look at you as if you were a cave dweller. Good-bye reputation.



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