The Cast of 'Matilda': Where Are They Now? (Photos)

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 19, 2017

Almost 20 years ago, there was the worldwide release of Roald Dahl's Matilda. The movie was one of the most liked and most frequently watched is it was full of entertainment and fun for the whole family. Although, Matilda's situation was not relatable, her story was loved by all kids in the world along with their parents! Over 20 years have passed; do you wonder where the cast of Matilda is now? A lot can change in over 2 decades.!

Sweet Little Matilda

When the movie started, we were introduced to a beautiful little girl named Matilda. Unfortunately, she was very disliked by her family. Everyone's sympathy was always with Matilda because it was hard for us to see such a sweet little girl being treated in the worst way possible.

Matilda, 20 Years Later

After her hits, Matilda, Doubtfire and Miracle on 34th Street, we were desperately anticipating to see Mara Wilson in more movies. Mara confessed how she did not want to be a part of the acting community, as she wanted to write her own books! Very Matilda inspired, right?

Mr. Harry Wormwood

This man was so hated by all of Matilda's lovers. It has been said by many generations that if you hate someone on TV, then it means they are doing well. Harry Wormwood made everyone hate him because his acting was remarkable! Hats off to this man.

The Break

After the release of Matilda, Danny DeVito found success in other movies. Although we loved seeing him in Matilda, he had to make his big break and prove that he could act well no matter what role was given to him.

It is Zinnia Wormwood, Honey.

Mr. Wormwood's on and off-screen wife was tough competition. She did not fall short when it came to executing her acting skills, as she also made sure everyone despised her. Her attitude towards her daughter made her seem like the most irresponsible mother ever.

Movie Star Turned to Author

Unlike her role in Matilda, Rhea Perlman expressed her love for kids. After the release of Matilda, she starred in a few movies that made her name even more recognizable, but she chose to become a child's book author. She has successfully published 6 books that are loved by children!

Yes, Ms. Trunchbull, Sir.

We can all agree that the best character of the movie was Ms. Trunchbull. The vibes we got from her made school seem like the scariest place on earth! One reason for re-watching Matilda was to see the way Ms. Trunchbull would torture her kids!

From Devil to Angel

From her terrifying acting in Matilda, Pam Ferris took a few other roles like this one. However, since 2012 she has been a likeable character on a BBC favorite called Call the Midwife. In this show, she is known as Sister Evangeline is the most liked character of the show.

Sweet like Honey

Have you heard of a voice sweeter than Ms. Honey's? Ms. Honey was the most liked character of Matilda because she was the one that always supported her. She was the reason why Matilda stayed positive. We need more people like Ms. Honey, to be honest.

Where is She Now?

Embeth Davidz has been very successful after her film, Matilda. Ever since, she has been in highly recognizable movies in which she has excelled beyond the expectations. She does not fail to impress her fans and she keeps doing better and better.

The Mean Brother

Matilda was not the only child. She had a brother who was just as unhappy as his parents about Matilda's birth. He never paid much attention to his sister and always treated her very badly. Maybe he was jealous that the attention would be diverted towards his little sister, or maybe he just was happy alone.

No More Movies

Just like his onscreen sister, Brian Levinson decided to step out of the spotlight. He chose to live life like an ordinary human rather than being a film star. He has been doing really well as he stays out of sight, but when there was a Matilda reunion, he was spotted there!

Beautiful Lavender

Matilda had a best friend in the movie that stuck with her through the thick and thin. This friend was Lavender, a small girl with a big imagination. She understood the suffering Matilda went through and made sure she was always there for her friend.

Best Friends Forever

After the movie, Kiami Davael starred in a few episodes of LL Cool J's In the House, she chose to stay out of the spotlight. Kiami returned to her university, University of Kentucky. She graduated in 2008 and is doing well. She and Mara are often spotted together as well.

A Good End

Although something like Matilda will not happen again, we are happy seeing the cast is doing so well. They have created something that will be watched repeatedly no matter what year we are in. The cast will always be appreciated for the work they have done. Good Job Team Matilda. Thank you for blessing our childhood.



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