Weird Things That The Human Body Can Do (That You Probably Aren't Aware Of)

Science | By Gigi Cummings | October 19, 2017

Our bodies are strange and magical things. If we sit and actually contemplate how wonderful our bodies are and the functions that they do we might get overwhelmed. The fact that a heat never stops beating, or that our hair grows back all on its own. It makes us realize just how incredible it is to be living and breathing beings. Here are some little facts about the body that aren't so common knowledge but that are just as equally mind-blowing.

Eyes Are Indicators You Are Too Cold

When you are too cold, hypothermia sets in. When this happens the blood vessels in your eyes constrict to save heat and energy. This will look like you eyes and pupils have gotten a lot smaller. Be careful when this happens because it could cause temporary blindness.

Your Left Ear Hears Better

You will be able to hear someone much better if you turn your left ear towards them. This is because the right ear is better at tracking moving sound while the left ear is better at tracking sound coming from a stationary object that is actively making sound.

Heartburn Health

You don't actually need that medicine to cure your heartburn. Because your stomach and esophagus connect at an angle in your body, when you lie on your left side you are less likely to suffer from heartburn because the esophagus is lifted and the acid doesn't travel upward.

You Body Can Shed Like A Snake

While most of us only notice how our skin kind of flakes off in little dry bits every so often. Our body also likes to shed whole layers like a snake. When your feet become particularly dry they can peel off a whole layer of skin in order to expose a fresh new healthier layer.

Adrenaline Makes You A Superhero

In times when your body is in need of some super hummer strength or endurance, your adrenaline kicks in and your body goes into super hero mode. Your digestive system shuts down, your blood vessels constrict and your pupils dilate giving your muscles extra strength to perform.

Your Body Can Tell The Weather

Often times people can feel in their joints when it is about to rain. That is because when a storm in approaching, the pressure in the air drops and this causes the fluid in the joints to create pressure and some pain and poor movement, this usually will go away after a storm has passed.

Your Eyes Tell No Lies

Your pupils are really informative if you look at them in different situations. When you look at someone that you are in love with, your pupils will dilate and double in size. This is because your pupils are connected to you sympathetic nervous system which controls emotion.

Coughing Prevents Pain

If you are nervous about experiencing a small bit of pain, like getting a shot. Cough right when it occurs and you will feel less pain. This is because when you cough your brain synapses are seized for just a moment blocking the pain from triggering in your brain.

Clear A Congested Nose

Instead of constantly popping decongestants. Clear a blocked nose naturally by pushing your tongue onto the roof of your mouth while pressing your thumb into your forehead, this causes the bone in the nose to move back and forth clearing the passage in about 20 seconds.

Discover Nerve Pathways To Block Pain

If you are having pain in your mouth or face, you can help ease the block the pain by applying ice to the "V" in between your thumb and pointer finger. This is where the nerves to the face start and numbing these can help ease the pain in your face and mouth.

Calm A Fast Beating Heart

Another nerve ending that can help with calming your body when it is in pain is on the tip of your thumb, if you are experiencing a rapid heartbeat and want it to slow down, breathe on the tip of your thumb to trigger the nerve that is associated with calming your heart rate down.

Connect Smell To Memory

Smell is one of the strongest triggers of memories and your sense of smell is like a little time machine in your brain. Because the part of the brain that detects smells is in the same place as the part of the brain that collects memories, the two are closely linked up.

Thinking About Sex Eases Your Need To Pee

If you are somewhere with no bathroom and you have to pee really badly, start to think about sex. This works because your mind is preparing itself to have the act and is pushing all of its other bodily needs aside in order to allow sex to begin.

Ease A Burn With Your Own Body Heat

If your hand gets burned, instead of going for the ice which might feel good at first, wash the affected area and then apply pressure to the burn with your clean and unburned skin on your other hand, this skin to skin contact reduces the chance of blisters forming.

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