Signs That Show You Have Found The Love Of Your Life

Entertainment | By Gigi Cummings | October 19, 2017

Finding the love of your life. It's like watching a fairytale come true. We all want it, yet so many of us don't know if we will ever get this happily ever after ending. Maybe we are still waiting to find Mr. Right. Maybe we thought we found him and then things didn't work out and now we are wondering if love even exists at all. Or maybe we already have him in our life and we just haven't been able to notice the signs that he is the one. Here are a couple clues that indicate your guy is the love of your life.

He's Honest With You About Everything

Even if the truth may hurt you for a minute, he always wants to be honest with you because lying to you would be the ultimate form of deception. True love is based on honesty and respect and if his love is true, you will never wonder about if he is lying because its important to him.

He's Willing To Talk Things Out

Instead of running and hiding from the problems in your relationship, or pushing them away like they don't exist, he wants to talk through everything with you. He know's arguing won't soave anything and that communication is the key to a loving long lasting relationship.

He Always Supports You

When you are completely in love with someone. You want them to reach every goal or dream they have. That becomes a higher priority than even your own goals in life. So if your man always puts his support for you out there for you to have, he is committed to your love.

He Answers Your Texts Back Right Away

This is one of those small gestures that have a big impact. If your love if true than he doesn't feel the need to wait or play games through text. He will always answer you honestly and straightforward so that you never have to wonder if he cares or not about you.

He Texts You In The Morning

When you are in love with someone, the little routines and moments you have together really become important in your everyday life. If he makes it a point to text you every morning to tell you he loves you, he is truly devoted to being your one and only.

He Always Listens When You're Upset

Whether it is something trivial like you are just having a bad day, or something really important happened in your life and you need support. Your love will always be there as a shoulder to cry on and a loving embrace. You don't need him to fix it, but you just need him to be there.

He Will Never Let You Down

You can always count on him to be there for whatever you need, no questions asked. He won't cancel on you when you need him to meet up at an important work event. He won't put off going to your parents house because it makes him nervous. He will always be by your side when you need him.

He Believes In Commitment

In our current dating culture, the idea of commitment is becoming more and more abstract and less important. But if you have found the love of your life, you will have no problems with wondering if he will commit to you. His commitment is just a display of his love for you.

He's Happy When You're Happy

Of course he has his own life and own goals that he is passionate about. But at the end of the day, seeing you smile, laughing with you, and getting to share his happiness with you is what he truly loves about his life. He will want to bring your lives together so you can share it all.

You Make The Best Memories

Being together is always so much fun and laughter that you can't seem to pick just one moment that is the best. When you have met the love of your life, every moment together is the best memory you have and all you want to do is continue to keep making them forever.

You Have Little Fights Constantly

These fights are not the kind of fights that leave you drained and wondering if your love will make it through. These little fights are more like picking on each other, giving each other a hard time, and being each others toughest critic and best friend all at the same time.

He Spends Time With Your Family

And not because he feels like he has to so he gets dragged along with you on holidays. He genuinely puts effort into spending time with you family because they are a part of you and he loves every part of you so he wants to invest in them just life he does with you.

He Can't Imagine A Night Without You

You both do your own thing and have your own lives, but when it is time to fall asleep, he just couldn't imagine a night without you in his arms. Whenever he is away from you for some time he feels like something is missing because being with you is like being home.

He Makes Big Life Changes With You In Mind

Maybe he is going to make a big move at work, or he is deciding to go for a year long travel around the world. before making any of these decisions he consults with you first, because it isn't just about him anymore, the two of you are a unit and he want you to be a part of every life decision.

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