15 Must-Use Statements That Can Turn A Girl On

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 18, 2017

There are things that a man can say that will turn a woman into complete pudding and then in the next instant a guy can say something that literally makes a woman freeze up, close up shop and want to bolt to the door. So how can a guy know if what is going to say is going to ignite her flame or turn her to ice? Well for starters make sure you keep your comments positive and flattering, use a mixture of strong and soft language, when in doubt be complementary and always make sure to express how hot she makes you feel. Here are a couple go to phrases to use when your mind goes blank but you want to keep the mood hot.

"It's Ok To Go Slow"

When you say this to her, make sure express it like you mean it. It will give her to go ahead to take her time in ravaging each and every inch of your body with her own womanly sexy ways. You will sound like a gentleman and a lover and she will feel like she has your trust.

"That Freckle Is Beautiful"

This statement can be interchanged with a mole or a beauty mark, anything that is unique and special to the girl you are with. She may be insecure about small things on her body so when you tell her that those small things are what you find truly beautiful she will love it.

"You Look Beautiful" After Sex

After the two of you have engaged in some hot and sweaty between the sheets fun, the endorphins are flowing the you both are glowing from all of the passion. Tell her she looks beautiful in that moment, sweaty and panting and exhausted and she will feel like a goddess.


Say this often when you are talking to a woman during intimate moments. When you use "You" in a sentence referring to how much fun you are having or how great things feel, you empower her that she is amazing herself. Shower her with "You" statements in a sexy way and watch her confidence shine.

"That Feels So Good"

Encouraging statements about how good things feel when your girl is getting it on with you will help be a huge confidence boost for her in the bedroom. Any encouragement will make her feel like a sexy magician and she will wont want to stop until you cant take anymore.

"I'm Going To Take These Off"

Instead of asking if you can remove and article of clothing, tell her that you are going to do it. Being assertive in your statement will take the pressure off of her having to answer your question while also giving her the option to say no. It also gives you that manly edge that drives some women wild.

"You Make Me Think Dirty Thoughts"

You want her to feel like she is not just an object you want in that moment. You want her to know that just the thought of you will send your mind into a whirlwind of naughtiness. Tell her how she makes your think dirty thoughts and she will feel like she has a hold on your fantasies.

"I Want To Make You Feel Good"

Tell her how important it is to you that she feels every pleasure when you two are getting intimate. She will love how your put her sexual needs first and it will allow her to be more open and honest with her own sexuality making both of your experiences greater.

"You Amaze Me"

You want her to know that she was great in bed and that it felt great, but you don't want to make it all about your pleasure or that it was just about the sex. Telling her how amazing you think she is afterwards will encompass all of her being including her sexy skills.

"Your Body Feels So Good"

Whatever stage of lovemaking you two are on, if you tell her just how good her body feels on your body in that moment she will feel like you are accepting her body as a whole. She will love knowing that just her body pleases you and everything else is icing on the cake.

"Let's Keep The Lights On"

While there is something sexy about rolling around on a bed under the moon light. She might also be thinking that you don't want to see her naked body and just keep thing physical. Tell her you want to lights on so you can see every inch of her face and body.

"I Want You To Stay With Me Tonight"

She might be wondering right after a hookup if she should start getting dressed to leave or if she would settle in to go to sleep. Let her know you want her to stay and don't ask if she wants to, make it a statement, she won't feel like you used her and you have the potential for morning sex.

"You Look So Hot In That"

Maybe she is just wearing your t-shirt, or maybe she is just wearing her underwear, but telling her she looks hot in exactly what she is wearing will make her feel effortlessly sexy, which is the ultimate goal of a man to make his woman feel that way, she will be endlessly yours.

"I Can't Get Enough Of You"

Even if you both are exhausted from passionate sex or you both just have time for some heavy petting. Letting her know that you just can't get enough of her will assure her that she is worth more than just a one night stand, she is wanted and respected.

"I Love Your Smile"

Sex and intimacy and relationships are fun. You want to make each other laugh and smile the whole time you two are together. Tell her how sexy her smile is, make her feel like she is walking on clouds when she is with you, the sexier she feels the sexier you two feel together.

Did You Know...


Celebrities are no strangers to changing their looks for a role. And in some instances, they have to get pretty extreme. From 500-calorie-a-day diets to drinking pints of ice cream, Actors and actresses know what it takes to change their bodies in preparation for a new film.


Charlize Theron is no stranger to gaining and losing weight for movie roles, as we remember her transformation in Monster. Charlize Theron gained close to 50 pounds for her role as Marlo in Tully. Theron said that “for the first time in my life I was eating so much processed foods and I drank way too much sugar. … I remember having to set my alarm in the middle of the night in order to just maintain the weight.”


You’re used Chris Hemsworth's hulk-like figure in Thor, but In the Heart of the Sea required a totally different diet. The movie required the cast members lose a ton of weight to make their stuck-at-sea plight more believable. Chris Hemsworth said there were days when all he ate was one boiled egg, a couple of crackers, and a celery stick.


Anne Hathaway wanted to get serious for her role in Les Misérables, as she was playing Fantine, a starving prostitute with tuberculosis. So Anne Hathaway went on a diet of “rabbit food” to drop 25 pounds. Hathaway explained her diet was essentially just starving herself, but she didn’t want to give details, as she doesn’t want to encourage anyone to copy her emaciated look. She did note that she “just had to stop eating for a total of 13 days shooting,” however. And at one point, her bones became so frail that she reportedly broke her arm.


Matthew McConaughey's portrayal of Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club, a man with HIV/AIDS, was spot-on, earning him the title of best actor at the Oscars. But it also required a serious physical transformation. Matthew McConaughey said he lost 38 pounds for the role. During filming, he said he lost a lot of energy from eating so little — and he hit plenty of plateaus along the way. Finally, with a strict diet, he got down to 143 pounds. And while he did cardio to help with the weight loss, he said it was 90% what he was eating and portion size.


Hilary Swank had to put on 23 pounds of pure muscle for her role as a boxer in Million Dollar Baby. The process doesn’t sound easy, however. “I started working out five hours a day — I had to eat 210 grams of protein a day,” Swank said. She also mentioned that she had to consume 60 egg whites per day, and when that proved too difficult, she had to drink them. And to keep the muscle on, she would get up and drink protein shakes in the middle of the night.

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