This Illustrator Captures Love And Intimacy So Well That You Can Almost Feel It

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 18, 2017

Zipcy is a rising illustrator who is known among the manga circles for his smack dab portrayals of young couples in love. One swipe of his brush is said to portray thousands of words by making use of choice colors and depth of each stroke. In order to understand his art, a person needs to dabble in the complex realm of human psychology. It is said that one must fall in love to fully understand Zipcy's paintings.

There's something bothering her mind

It's as if something is holding this woman from fully internalizing the love the young man has for her. And so while he narrates all his love letters to her in a passionate and pulsating voice, she seems to be distant.

Soft gestures indicate the depth of your love

While it might look like the young man is wiping his nose from her bra, the subtle nuances of this picture are not as simple as it might first seem. It signifies the most important emotion in a relationship - respect.

She rests on his body

Nothing is more romantic when a couple simply lay in each other's arms and just stare into each other's eyes or whisper into each other's ears. Sometimes they simply prefer to silently contemplate their existence in the grand scheme of things.

Passion in love

He dissolves under her embrace. Burying his face above her bosom, the artist uses a deeper shade of red on his cheeks to indicate his tranquility and peace. He has come to terms with the fact that he loves her.

Longingly strokes her hair

A relationship doesn't always have to be about exchanging bodily fluids. No. It can be something as subtle as stroking your partner's hair while trying to steal a glance into the deep abyss of her eyes. While she simply rests her head on your shoulders.

Collapse unto him

She embraces his chest. The desire to feel his pulsating heart beat pushing against her ear gives her profound peace. All the while she complains to him about the troubles in her life, he attentively listens to them all.

A brief respite from life

This is their retreat. This is where they take a brief respite from the tumultuous experience of life and just lie on the couch. Feeling each other, caressing each other and holding each other, this is their break from life.

Just another means of gazing into her eyes

There are various ways of gazing into her eyes. Sitting upright, standing upright or laying down. When you lie down, you not only relax all the muscles in your body but also redirect all your attention onto her face.

Imitating the primates

Primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas display their love and affection towards their better half by sifting through their hair for pests. And this couple is no different. He massages her hair and picks out any nits, crushing them under the pressure of his strong forearms.

Trying to do homework

It's so distracting these days to complete all your homework and assignments on time. Add to that the requirements of a romantic partner, and the prospects of acing that test seem to become too distant. It just so happens, that all your focus drifts away towards him.

Contemplating each other's existence

Is there a better way to understand the mysteries of life than to gaze longingly into the eyes of your beloved? She touches his hand while he caresses her face in complete silence - some conversations just don't have to involve speech.

Feeling her up

He's taking one step closer to feeling her up. He is no longer content with merely touching her and staring into her eyes. No - it's time to take things up a notch. He proceeds to hold her hands while his head rests on her bosom.

Their feelings begin to unravel

A naysayer once remarked that love is simply a means to an end. That there are no real 'feelings' involved, that love is just another name for, "Let's have sex". The naysayer has never experienced true love it seems.

Parting ways

"Is it time already to part our ways?" says one to the other. But indeed it is. They both have their obligations of life and cannot just retreat to their cozy little couch and expect things to go hunky dory.

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