15 Photos of Shoppers Who Should Not Be Allowed In Public

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 18, 2017

If you were to take one quick glimpse at either one of these pictures, it would start making some real sense why Walmart stores are sometimes alluded to spots where weirdos hangout. It has been observed that Walmart is king when it comes to attracting the weirdest bunch of shoppers than elsewhere. We wished that this was an urban myth, but these pictures tell an entirely different story.

Just a casual trip to Walmart

This grown up woman has no qualms about displaying her plus sized body to the entire world. So she casually enters into a Walmart store with her little toddler and calmly shops around for women's cosmetics - blissfully unaware of the impact her fanny has on the shocked onlookers around her.

Creep alert

Most men would agree to this grandpa's little sentiment there. They all love BJs. But they don't publicly broadcast their sexual fetishes to the entire world, it's just not modest. Goodness grampa, there's children around - please show some modesty.

Try this on for size

A rumor has been floating around the internet that in order to cut down budgeting costs, Walmart stores are getting rid of their changing rooms. But this old ma'am will have none of it. For her, the whole world is a changing room.

Too many choices - make me feel hot

We cross checked this picture with many expert illustrators and graphic artists. There is absolutely no tampering involved in this picture, the senior citizen pictured here definitely has a bulging waistline at and has no problems taking her shirt off if it gets hot enough.

Weird hairstyle

This balding dude has only one patch of real hair on his headwhich trails off towards the back of his skull. But he has a flair for a creative hairstyle and won't allow male pattern baldness to deter him from showing off. Maybe try on a toupee?

Someone Call Animal Control!

We gotta give credit to these ladies for sporting such a shameless sense of fashion. Let's just hope they don't ever walk into a pet store like that, as chances are they'd end up caged on full display. Not to mention every defenseless animal in there would surely go batshit crazy. Needless to say, that poor kid is sure as hell pretending he doesn't even know them.

The crack of dawn

When your buttocks become visible to the rest of the world, your first reaction would be to quickly fix the anomaly, after all there's children around. But for this girl, woman, old woman (we can't really tell), it's perfectly normal.

Guns blazing

This dude is showing off his muscles and carrying a big ol' rifle against the backdrop of a messed up Walmart store. He's casually riding on a bike while a passerby is strolling by as if nothing's the matter. Is this real or photoshopped?

Is this the slender man?

Slender man is known for scaring the bejesus out of us during the night, especially when a cold breeze blows and the tree branch delicately presses against the glass window. So is this the slender man who's been keeping us awake all those years?

A low bra

This grandma isn't wearing a low bra because she's feeling naughty. Oh no, her physical appearance demands that she wears this incredibly low cut top. Only problem is, she forgot to cover her torso and is probably getting a lot of shrieks from the crowd.

We all need a break

Sometimes, we all need to catch a break from the problems of life. This mother is no exception to this rule and is not afraid to put her baby down to catch some brief respite. Is this inappropriate given that the baby is in no real harm?

Getting tanned at the beach

It seems there is no shortage of people wearing inappropriate attire while shopping at Walmart. This couple (if you could call them that) may have been making a trip to the beach when they decided to catch something to eat on the way - much to the shock of onlookers.

Spongebob squarepants will never be the same after this pic

We've all been mesmerized by the optimistic, carefree and charming happy go lucky nature of Spongebob Squarepants. This sight has probably become ingrained in the passerby's minds, and each time they watch the show, they'll be reminded of this ghastly couple.


We can't really tell what this young woman is doing in this picture, is she displaying her flexibility to unsuspecting onlookers or is she falling down because of the slippery floor? We can't quite make out her ordeal, can you?

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