Top 15 Biggest Relationship Issues That Men Face

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 18, 2017

Women preferences in relationships are so very streamlined and talked about that we forget to notice that men may have issues as well. Men may not talk about these issues as much as women do, but they definitely have preferences and would back out if these preferences are not met. While it is hard to understand the psyche of most men, we have formulated a basic list of what men despise during a relationship.

Women Who Do Nothing

The bills never get paid and the bed never gets paid. Men hate women who lie on the bed all day and expect them to do all the hard work. Although men like taking the responsibilities while on bed, they want the other person to share the workload in real.


They might not point it out at the very beginning, but men start feeling less attracted to their partners with the passage of time. The loss of attraction comes through their extent to lookout for something new every once in a while.

The Urgent Attention Call

The urgent call is the biggest issue for most men in a relationship. 'Be In the house within 5 minutes' is just the kind of text they hate the most. So, if you have one sent to them, apologize with some nudes ASAP.


There is a reason why we wrote this in Caps. Bad sex is perhaps the biggest issue facing men in a relationship. It is either bad sex or their partners disinterest towards it, but the lack of good sex can make the sanest man go towards someone else.

Their Lack of Self Care

Men rush away from women who do not take care of their self. The only thing a man wants after a tiring day at work is you to be all dolled up. If you are dressed up in your PJs with ruffled hair and smelly teeth, then be prepared to suffer their wrath.


You might be moody person and a narcissist can seriously harm your relation with a man. The lack of communication will make them flustered and they will eventually let you know how they feel about the situation. This won't end well.

An end to the Laughs

The only thing men want is for you to be happy and ready for an eventful night on the bed. As the relationship grows on and you busy adults fail to manage the responsibilities, you will certainly have an end to the laughs.

Lack of Honesty

You check their phone. You spy behind their back and you lie to them. This might seem like a good way to whither the storm for some time, but they will eventually find out and be really pissed at you for treating them so unfairly.


Men are generally insecure. Even if they are hot and good looking, they will be insecure about you eventually leaving them for someone else. This insecurity can be stopped by you taking the responsibility, but if you feed that insecurity, the relationship will go down the drain.

Long Distance

Men hate the thought of a long distance relationship and may not be able to sustain the relation successfully. Long distance relationships require a lot of perseverance and honesty that insecure men will feel women lack. It is always the contrary.

Conflicts Regarding Pets

A major issue arises for men once they find out that their partner is not interested in pets. Emotions steal the sanctity of the conflict and both the partners argue among each other, without looking for a plausible solution. This can eventually lead to a breakup.

Over Emotional

The emotions may seem like fun and games during the start, but men often end up being irritated with your constant show of emotions. They don't like such open display of emotions and back out if they see their partner being over emotional or preferring emotions over rationality.

Dirty Laundry

Everyone handles their own laundry, that's the rule of the day. So, if you are lazy with your laundry, you will have a hard time sticking around with men. Men may sneak into your clothes with their tongues during the night, but they would hate if they see a panty lying unattended on their pillow.

Flirting with other Men

NO, NO, NO, NO! That's a straight No. Men hate if their partner keeps flirting with other men at all times. Their egos suffer a blow and they would never look at you the same way again. If you are a passive flirt, you will have a hard time sticking with a relationship.

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