15 Reasons Kissing is Good for Your Health

Lifestyle | By Ray Porter | October 18, 2017

Many People Love to express love, lust, and attraction through kissing. Kissing has lots of emotion affects. It can deepen the bonds between to people and releases chemicals in the brain to elevate attraction and is why it feels so good to do. There is, however, more to kissing that just the sensations you feel from contact with a partner. There's actually scientific proof that kissing has many helath benefits too. So get ready to pucker up.

Stress Management

A good dose of kissing releases a host of hormones in your body, all having a different effect on the way your body works. Kissing releases oxytocin (known as the love drug) that calms you, endorphins (that make you feel in shape and good about yourself), and dopamine (which makes you feel accomplished).


The most obvious health benefit of kissing is the closeness it can help us feels with meaningful others. This closeness can help to maintain a healthy marriage and relationships with people around us. And these this are hugely important to mental health.


Unbelievably kissing can actually have a positive effect on your lifespan. Looking at all the other health benefits kissing provides could serve as a clue as to why. It has been shown that couples who kiss frequently compared to those who rarely or never do, life on average 5 years more.

Tooth Health

Kissing increases the body's production of saliva. The extra saliva neutralises the acidic environment of the oral cavity that would otherwise potentially cause spoilage and other tooth issues. The extra saliva can also sweep away debris that could turn into plaque.

Tranquillity and Serenity

Kissing can help to calm you down and create a sense of tranquillity within you. This is because of the chemicals produced when kissing some of which have an effect 200 times more potent than that of morphine. I'm sure we can all attest to kissing's calming abilities.

Strengthening the Immune System

During kissing especially passionate kissing involving tongue, bacteria moves from your mouth to your partner's and vice versa. Despite how this sounds, it works similarly to an immunization. Your body fights the foreign bacteria off and knows how to fight it if it's encountered again.

Self-esteem Boost

Kissing has a positive effect on a person's confidence levels, and in turn their self-esteem too. Psychologically each participant of the kiss is likely to feel desired, loved, and/or accepted, leading to a more positive opinion of themselves. Kissing is magic.

A Pleasant Exercise

Kissing can be considered a very light form of exercise as it does in fact burn calories. It is obviously a very light form of exercise and I don't think your weight is your biggest problem if you become angry after failing to lose those extra kilos from kissing.

Tone Your Face

You heard that right, here's a way for you to get rid of that flabby, saggy face of yours and get that toned and tight face you've always dreamed of. Kissing utilises 34 muscles in your face and 112 body muscles to achieve and maintain a kissing posture.

Blood Circulation

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of skin on your entire body. When they are touched together and rubbed on other soft and lubricated skin as they are in heavy kissing, they are stimulated and promote blood flow throughout your body. Including sexual organs.

Reduces the Effect of Allergies on Your Respiratory Tract

A study conducted in Japan found that a kiss that is performed for at least 30 minutes can reduce the production of a histamine. Histamines are a natural compound produced by the body that can cause an allergic reaction in the raspatory tract.

A Healthy Heart, In More Than 1 Way

Kissing not only helps your heart in an emotional and figurative way. It also helps to maintain the health of that organ in your chest, your literal heart. It does this by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, two of the biggest threats to your heart.

Relives Cramps and Headaches

Cramps and headaches can be some of the most frustrating ailments that we come across in our lives. There never seems to be a concrete cause and they are so hard to remedy without popping a painkiller. But next time try a nice long, and deep kiss.

Helps Your Lungs

Due to the emotional intensity of a passionate kiss people tend to breathe much deeper after a kiss than they would otherwise. On average breathes increase to one per second. Normally the average is a third of that and this breath increase can prevent a number of ailments.

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