Obvious Signs He Wants A Real Relationship With You, And Not Just For Physical Benefits

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 18, 2017

Knowing a guy's true intentions is one of the most difficult aspects of being a girl - at least in my opinion. Girls usually get a lot of dating prospects, but many of them will end up just trying to "use" the girl for sex and leave after a few days - something even the night after. Well, that's why I have compiled the following list for you - check it out, read it thoroughly, and It may help you identify whether the guy you are dating truly loves you, or is just a tire kicker.

Ask Directly

I bet you didn't expect this one to get listed, but sometimes, just asking someone directly, and looking them in the eyes is enough to get a straight answer. If your guy is the honest type, or at least slightly nice, when asked, he would tell the truth behind his plans for you.

He Clings to Your Every Word

A normal conversation with a guy should be effortless, and you should be getting the impression that he does indeed listen to you, and tries to learn more about you. If he is overly forgetful or just not present, he could be just biding his time.

He Texts Out of the Blue

There is nothing more romantic than getting a message "out of the blue" by your boyfriend. If he does this from time to time, that means he probably cares about you - a lot. Just make sure he isn't too needy and contacting you every hour!

He Loves the Same Thing You Do

When you want to watch a "chick flick" movie, he doesn't get upset or angry - he may even join you in on the fun. He does have his own set of interests, but he also knows when he should join you so that the two of you have some shared interests.

The Way He Holds Eye Contact

Sometimes, if you look deeply enough in another person's eyes, you may be able to tell of their true intention. It is the same thing with boyfriends - sometimes, looking into the depths of their soul could yield the answer you are looking for.

He Likes Your Friends

I'm not talking about flirting with your friends - I mean that he genuinely wants to meet the people you spend your days with (when you are not with him). He likes doing this because it helps him understand more about you - so that he can make you even happier.

He Always Has time For You

You will know your boyfriend loves you and is not just using you for sex, if he always has time for you. Of course, he has to work or study, but when you haven't seen him for 2-3 days, he can stop by for at least an hour or two.

He Mentions you In His Long-Term Plans

Guys love doing long-term plans. We already know where we want to be in 2020, and even 2030. Well, if he's discussing these plans with you or other people, and keeps mentioning you in these plans - that means he is taking you seriously.

He Can't Take His Eyes Off Of You

It is true - when a guy is deeply in love, he just can't look away from you. You will never find his gaze going around looking at other women - he is simply mesmerized by you. Guys like this are very rare, so make sure you don't lose him.

He Genuinely Cares About You

I'm not talking about those superfluous questions like "are you okay?" or "what's up with you?" I'm talking about genuine care, where he thinks about what's best for you, and when he dedicates time to make sure you get all the support you need.

You Are the Center of His Universe

No matter whether you two are making love, walking in the park, or watching a Netflix show together, he always knows how to make you feel like you are the center of the universe. Maybe it is the amount of attention he gives you, but it always works.

He's Happy When You Are

Some people are rather negative, and can actually get sad when we are happy. A guy that loves you is the opposite of this - when you are happy, so is he, and this makes the two of you get in a kind of "loop" - where you amply each other's happiness.

He Touches You

I'm not talking about groping you, or any touches that are too sexual - I'm talking about the slow, sensual touches that just get you wild. If a guy likes to keep his hands on your thighs or other parts of your body - that could imply he loves you.

You Know Trivial Things About Him

When you know random useless things about your boyfriend (and so does he), that means you two have spent a LOT of quality time together. It doesn't matter that this stuff is trivial - what matters is that you know them and that you remember them.

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