5 Shy Actors Who Are Not So Innocent In Real Life

Entertainment | By Emily Malone | October 17, 2017

Being an actor seems like it would be all fun and games, famous, wealthy, and surrounded by other beautiful people 24/7. However, in reality the constant attention can be way too much pressure, especially if you are introverted. Looking in from the outside we tend to assume that shy or introverted people are more innocent than their outgoing counterparts, but these 5 stars remind us that isn't always the case.

Chloe Grace Mortez

Ever since she first began acting at only 7 years old Chloe Grace Mortez has stayed solidly in the Hollywood spotlight. Whether it is for her acting or her well publicized relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, son of famous Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and professional soccer player David Beckham.

Break Out Bad Girl Role

For a reportedly fairly quiet and demure seeming girl, Chloe is really able to bring out the crazy on screen when needed. Roles such as the one she is seen in here left audiences wondering if there was actually more going on under her innocent looking exterior.

Smoking Weed

Back before weed was legal in the state of California images began to circulate of this former child star smoking what appears to be marijuana. Although this is not surprising for a Hollywood star or Californian generally speaking, many people were shocked because it shattered the innocent image they had of her.

Robert Pattinson

Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson has been on almost every girl's radar since he played Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter movie. He continued to skyrocket in popularity upon playing the dreamy, brooding Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.

Relationship Drama

Although according to the people who have worked with him on set Robert seems like a nice but fairly reserved guy, that has not stopped him from his fair share of well publicized girl drama. From a rumored affair with Camilla Belle to a tumultuous relationship with Kristen Stewart he has kept things interesting.

Pervy Roles On Screen

Robert recently did a phenomenal job portraying the eccentric Salvador Dali in the movie "Little Ashes." However, some found his acting a little too convincing in the more pervy scenes, including pleasuring himself on camera. This role and a few others have made some fans ask how much of this is just acting and if Pattinson might have a secret freak side.

Emma Roberts

This longtime actress and recent star of the show "Scream Queens" you would think that Emma Roberts would have no problem in the spotlight. Especially considering that her aunt is one of the most famous actresses ever, Julia Roberts.

Hiding From The Public Eye

Despite her experience with being in the public eye for so long almost everyone who meets her reports the star is actually quite shy, as can be seen in almost every interaction she has with paparazzi. This extends even into her professional life and people who work with her say she's even shy on set until she turns it on to act.

Physical Abuse Scandal

The world saw a side of Roberts that not many were expecting back in 2013 when she was arrested for domestic abuse of her boyfriend, fellow actor Evan Peters. He declined to press charges and Roberts was soon released but people have not forgotten this side of her.

Brad Pitt

Many may be surprised to see this seeming Hollywood golden boy on the list of shy wards with a darker side but over his 25+ year stint not even the most popular actor in the world goes without some interesting drama surfacing.

Allegations Of Child Abuse

The most concerning drama that has come up about the introverted star were rumors of child abuse. Pitt's adoption of numerous children was already covered by most news outlets but the internet exploded when abuse allegations came up because there's not much worse in this world than hurting children.

Confirmed Affair With Now Wife Angelina Jolie

Some people, especially those under 20 years old, might not remember this but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven't always been a couple. In fact Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston and cheated on her with Angelina before they divorced.

Vanessa Hudgens

If you grew up in the early 2000s, or really if you had any type of media at all, there is no way you missed the High School Musical era, and the adorable leading lady Vanessa Hudgens. At the time she was a Disney star she was seemingly innocent but she has since broken that casting.

Forced Into The Disney Mold

Disney is a media empire that caters to the 18 and under audience primarily, and as such it's stars are expected to behave as PG rated as the movies they star in. Images of Hudgens during her Disney days show a much more fresh faced, cardigan wearing sweet looking girl than we now see.

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