Choose The Dumbest Person In The Photo, Your Choice Says A Lot About Your Personality

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

Let's face it, we have all made some well and truly dumb decisions in our lives. Not all of us are born geniuses, and even if some of us are, there is still a learning curve there that every person goes through. Some learn the hard way and some go through life with a charm that amazes others. However, our lives and our decisions shape the future, no matter who we are. Following is a personality test to determine what kind of person you are.

Types of Personalities

No two people are the same and as a consequence there are many different types of personalities, and several different systems to measure, determine, investigate and quantify them. Other more well-known methods include the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type test, among other psychological evaluation methods.

What Makes a Person Different?

There are several defining traits of a person that distinguish them from others. Some of those traits may be related to the way a person handles certain situations, and some of them may have to do with relative intelligence and understanding

Personality and Natural Psychological Makeup

A person is molded by a lot of things during their lifetime. However, a person may also be a certain type due to built-in factors and personality traits that continue to stay with them no matter what their experiences are in life.

Outside Influences

Genetic makeup does have a lot to do with how a person moves through life. Also important is what a person experiences in terms of outside influences and stimuli. This can have a marked effect on the person, even changing a personality altogether.

Perception and Understanding

The ability to perceive things a certain way is innate, and engrained into the human psyche. It may be somewhat similar in many people, but much like the fingerprint, it is not congruent, and is unique for every living individual.

External Encounters

The word 'encounters' is strong, especially when defining the human psyche, and the potential ways how it could be affected. However, encounters do shape personality, and may be responsible for a radical shift in a person's behavior, later in life.

Personality Definition Metrics

The usual metrics used to define personalities are all the same. How a person interacts with others, how they tackle problems, how they see things professionally, romantically and personally, as well as what they like to do in life; are all factors.

Defined Personality Types

There are several personality types that are clearly defined. There is the social type, who is bound to be seen with friends and family for most of the time. There is the strong, silent type, who is mysterious. There are the intelligent types, who make for the global genius populations. So on and so forth.

Different Choices

The choices which we make also define us to quite a degree. This statement has also been the subject of a lot of quotes over the years. The importance of choice is globally known, and the difference of choice is seen as the ultimate defining factor.

Strength and Quality of Character, Based on Choice

Most of the time, a person's strength of character is based on what they choose to be and how they choose to do. This particular test is also based on that very decision. Your personality will be decided on what you see as the least intelligent course of action.

Time to Choose Which Character Do You See as the Dumbest

Following is a picture that depicts four very different and distinct personalities. While they may look the same, judging by their actions, there are very subtle as well as very serious differences between them. So, which one did you choose as the dumbest?

Number One?

If you chose number one, you are the softest and kindest person in the group. You are easily influenced, and usually do not have the drive to make your point known. You do have your own opinions, however, you have a difficult time influencing, and you prefer to go with the flow.

Number Two?

If you chose number two, you are actually nice as a person, but you make very hasty decisions, and you often do things without thinking them through fully. You may also be given to bouts of stubbornness, which could be seen as a negative trait.

Number Three?

If you chose the third person, you are actually quite tenacious, and you pursue everything to the very end. This makes you a very dedicated and focused person, and also makes you a very good strategist, as well as romantic partner.

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