15 Extremely Important Questions That Americans to Answer

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

America is arguably the greatest country in the world when it comes to a lot of things. While the world may not agree with everything America and Americans do, there is a lot of good to be found in the land of the Red, White and Blue! However, some quirks and qualities are just too weird to not be explained and answered for. Following are 15 questions that Americans need to answer and clarify!

Why are 'Sure Thing', 'Yup' and 'You Bet' considered Appropriate Alternatives to 'You're Welcome'?

Grammar is not America's strong point (yeah we know, UK..), but even then, how come 'yup', 'sure', 'sure thing', 'don't sweat it' are considered appropriate alternatives to 'you're welcome'?? Why can we not complete our sentences with the proper grammar, for once??

Why is Beer Sometimes Available in Most Pharmacies but Not in Liquor Stores?

Alright this one is just plain weird, for all the wrong reasons.. What is the message that we are trying to give to the world; that we care so much about our beer that we sometimes need it in lieu of medicine??

Why do Different states have Different and Admittedly Crazy Laws?

The 50 states all have their laws, some of which are similar, but some are just plain weird. Oregon lets you buy weed but not pump gas in your car yourself? What's up with that? Oh and you can't give a moose a beer in Alaska, just so you know..

What Is Up with the Drink Sizes??

America has some of the highest diabetes numbers in the world, if not THE highest. And despite that, the drinks that we get in big chain restaurants are bigger than anywhere in the world? Really, do you want more diabetes with those fries?

Entrees are Main Courses and Appetizers are Not Entrees...What??

The term 'entrée' means a course that is served right before the main meal, or in other words, an appetizer. However, in America, an entrée, for some inexplicable reason, is the main course itself. What is the crazy science behind this?

American Coins have seriously Confusing Names; Why Is That?

A dime, nickel and quarter do not need these weird names when they can clearly be called according to their worth in cents. And why is a single cent called a penny? Isn't that Brit currency? Why not just call it a Center...Ahhh!

Why do the Toilet Stalls have Gaps between Them?

Isn't a toilet supposed to be the pinnacle of privacy? Why then do US toilet stalls have such glaring gaps in between them? Is surveillance really that integrated into our society that we literally encourage people to watch others defecate??

Why does America Copy British Television Features?

This issue irks a number of British people, and frankly speaking, a good number of Americans too. Our shows are good enough as they are, or rather as American as they are. Why then, do we need to make our versions of their TV shows?

Why is a Whole Pizza Called a Pie??

Seriously though, we have some fantastic pies of our own. Why do we call a full pizza a pie then? Is it to compete with the Anglo/European concept of savory pies? There is a clear distinction between the two foods, and let's keep it that way..

Why is Tea Heated in Microwaves??

Tea is not supposed to be heated up in an appliance that is meant to heat up food quickly. Tea should only be handled in kettles and cups. Oh, and in case my American friends didn't know, there is an invention called the electric kettle...

Why is EVERYTHING a Drive-thru in America?

Alright, so the concept of the drive-thru restaurant is clear and understandable. But why do we need drive-thru pharmacies, drive-thru ATMs and even drive-thru ERs?? What is up with that? At what point during our national evolution did we become so lazy?

Why Is There a Screen EVERYWHERE?

It is understandable to have a screen in the local sports bar and sometimes in areas where people are supposed to wait. But screens in public places, screens in cars, screens in random office spots, buildings and God knows where else? Why?

What is Biscuits and Gravy? Because Those are Definitely Not Biscuits

Biscuits and gravy is just one of those foods that everybody loves but people abroad just don't understand. And for great reason.. First of all, those are not biscuits; ask the people who invented biscuits... And second, why is tasteless food so popular?

Why Can't We Use the Metric System?

The metric system works in tens, which makes it quite simple to understand. Why then, do Americans complicate measurements so much, when it is clearly disproportionate to use exotic values such as Fahrenheit and Mile? And why do Americans hate the Metric system so much??

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