15 Things That Will Surely Change When You Move In With Your Partner

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

Relationships are a crucial part of our lives - whether they keep you sane or they drive you completely insane. Either way, the honeymoon period is always worth the wait. And if you feel for them even after the worship zone has come to an end, you know they're the missing piece to your enormous jigsaw puzzle. After all, the phrase "better half" didn't just come out of nowhere. So if you've found your missing piece, and you're considering moving in together, here's what you should know!

Your Eating Habits Are Going to Change

Research proves that when a man and a woman begin sharing the same roof, there's a very high possibility that their eating habits are going to change significantly. Studies label these to be 'bad eating habits', also holding it responsible for a woman's weight gain after moving in with her man.

Goodbye Privacy!

If you're a bit of a freedom lover and love to do things on your own pace, then brace yourself for the compromise that a live-in relationship entails. There's no such thing as privacy when you move in with your significant other. They're with you 24/7 so there's absolutely no point in being secretive!

Improved Intimacy

Moving in with your significant other will certainly increase the intimacy between the two of you by quite a margin. Of course, this also depends on you and your significant other because there's also a possibility that you'll get absolutely sick of each other.

Sex Will Transform

There are two types of transformations that can occur in this aspect when you move in with your partner. Either you'll have the best sex of your entire life, or you're just going to get bored with each other. It depends entirely on the chemistry between the two of you. On the plus side, you can do it anywhere you want so it can't really be that bad!

Their Flaws Might Get to You

When you're not living with a person, you're not entirely aware of their habits - good or bad. But after moving in, you'll know every single thing about them. Just like you do, your significant other will also have a bunch of flaws and habits that you are not aware of. It's up to you how you choose to react.

Financial Crisis

There's a very high chance that you might have a humungous financial crisis when you move in together. This is mostly because of the rent or the cost of the house, the food and all those things that you spend recklessly on when you first move in together. However, if you're careful about where you're spending your money, there's a possibility that that won't happen.

TV Time Will Be the Better than Ever

Studies have shown that couples who watch TV together actually have a much more enjoyable time. As a matter of fact, watching TV together is also linked to good health and much healthier relationship overall. It's even better if you choose to watch comedy or horror movies or series more.

Awful Fights

When you're living with a person, fights are a part of the package - full blown out fights or just horrible arguments is up to you. However, if you try to develop a strong understanding with your person since the very beginning, then you're bound to get over the bad things in no time. Just be careful about what you say because anger can really disrupt relationships in the blink of an eye.

The Precious Bond

When two people live together, they get to know all about the other person - regardless of whether they like these things or not. You just have to deal with them because you love them. Since that is a huge compromise in itself, the bond you develop will be one of a kind.

You'll Know Their Bathroom Habits

Whether you want to or not, you will get to know their bathroom habits better than ever. If they take routinely dumps, or lock themselves in bathroom for 20 minutes, you know what's up. This is also something that's cutesy when you really think about it. God Forbid if you just have one bathroom!

You Might Crave Alone-Time

If you're used to being by yourself, and need some time to yourself to really think things through, let us tell you that it won't be easy to get that now that you've moved in together. You might crave it from time to time, but don't just block them out. Communication is key.

Everything You Do Will Be For Two

The cutest and most comforting part about moving in with your lover is that you're going to think of them no matter what you're buying. Whether you're out shopping alone for sheets or even if you're just buying soap, you'll be considering their likes and dislikes as well.

You'll Always Wake Up Next to Them

Once you fall into the habit, it'll be anything but easy to fall asleep without them. Of course, waking up next to them is also one of the best things about living together. Just having that peace of mind is certainly the best thing you can ask for.

Unconditional Love

When you live with another person, and share everything, including the bed, you're bound to love them in ways that are unexplainable. As long as you get through the bad things, you're both going to have unconditional love for one another.

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