15 Signs That You Are Unattractive And You Don't Even Realize It

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

Being unattractive is worrying on its own, but it gets further aggravated if someone says it to you on your face. You want to smash the living hell out of them, but smile instead and blame it on the family gene. We have crafted a list of 15 signs that will let you know whether you are unattractive, to ensure that you do not suffer the pain of being told this by someone else.

You Have a Serious Attitude Problem

Attractiveness does not lie in the outside; rather it depends a lot on your composure and attitude as well. If people have started staying away from you, and have got tired of your mood swings, then you probably do need to realize that you have an attitude problem.

You Wear PJs Everywhere

Your clothing has a lot to do in how people form a perception of you, and believe me PJs do not really set a good impression. Well, they are comfortable, but damn man, get out of them and wear some real clothes for once.

Lack of Self Care

Imagine if someone turned up to college with their hair ruffled up, their teeth un-brushed, their eyes weary and their face looking tired. Well, if this is how you go outside every day, then don't mind if people don't want to sit next to you on the bus.

No Exercise

A physically fit person will have the opposite gender drooling at them. An unfit person, on the contrary, will have to suffer the brunt of all jokes and be ridiculed for being careless with their physique. Man up or Woman up and go outside to take care of your health and attractiveness.

You Get No Flirts

Perhaps the biggest drawback of being unattractive is to not receive any flirts or catcalls anymore. People just aren't interested in you and they would better hang out with a beauty than to waste time with someone who has unshaved armpits.

You Have No Check on Your Food

Food is heaven and may be perhaps the best thing in your life currently, but eating unlimited KFC and an unbalanced diet would do more harm than good. Even if you don't realize, you will soon be ridiculed by many.

You Run Away From Your Reflection

Call it being shy or anything else, but unattractive people run away from their reflection. They might not know why, but looking at their unattractive self at the mirror has no value for them. Mirror on the wall, who's the most unattractive of them all?

You Have a Gross Mouth

The most attractive person looks generally unattractive when they blabber like an uneducated sloth. Sweet communication is the key to attractiveness. Talking sweet is the call of the day, so have a check on your mouth and refrain from swearing a lot, you nincompoop!

No Friends

You do not have good friends and people run away from you as soon as they get the chance. Unattractive people find it difficult to make friends and even harder to maintain friends. Sorry guys, but if you're lonely, you're probably unattractive.

People Avoid You

People avoid sitting with you and refrain from making conversations. Even loving Christians run away when they see you coming. This could possibly be because you look unattractive and no one would want to have anything to do with you.

You Are Probably a Virgin

Now this doesn't mean that there are no hot virgins out there, but if you are unattractive there are high chances of you being a virgin. No one would want to take you to their house, leave alone their bed. You probably would have kissed the girl sleeping next to you on the subway, but that's about it for now.

You Turn Down Invitations

You have become fond of your company and don't want to go sit with hot people way out of your league. The hot guys won't be interested in you, so you think it is better to bail out.

You Look Bad In Pictures

It is okay to put the blame on the photographer, but at some moment in time, you need to realize that it is not the photographer but your unattractive self that should be put to blame. Hide the pictures away, before anyone else has a look at them.

You Fantasize Of the Opposite Sex Rather Than Dating Them

Rather than asking people out or dating them, you sit on your bed and make fantasies all day long. You let your hands and fingers do the work for you that your mind would have wanted them to do.

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