Here Are Some Things That Only An Independent Woman Can Do

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

Alright, if you're a woman then it's a great year to be alive! Let's face it, the past few years brought a giant spurt to women empowerment and an introduction to freedom. I mean if Saudi Arabia can legalize women driving this year then the world has officially grown to our favor! Amen to that! Independence actually means that you're able to grow and do whatever you want and whenever you want. But what defines you?

Do you need a definition?

Well if you take shit from no one and do shit for no one other than yourself then honey, you're not selfish, you're a grownass woman living a grownass life! You're the boss of your own actions and no one can tell you otherwise.

All the women who independent!

Alright, we've got major role models to look up to. There's no less women in the world fighting for women empowerment and Queen B, she's definitely taught us how to slay. She continues to do so too from the very beginning...Remember Destiny's Child?

We've come a long way

It's amazing really, there was a time when women weren't allowed to work and now feminism is on the rise and the fight for equality still persists. It wasn't easy to overcome the stigma behind the "roles of women" but that took a brand new turn!

Learning a new style

It's funny really, there's still the notion of "that's no way for a woman to behave"- put your hands up if you've heard that! Embrace the way you want to live because at the end of the day, no one is going to live your life for you.

Talking it out

It's not just about the lifestyle you choose to live, gaining empowerment has been beneficial for women struggling through problems of abuse. Now they're able to speak up about and against sexual as well as domestic abuse. That's one of the biggest achievements made by us.

It's not just us women

Alright, we get it. It's only been beneficial for us but let me just stop you right there, you do realize that since the topic of abuse has been brought in the spotlight, more men have spoken up about their traumatic experiences?

But it's about more than that

Well bringing abuse to the limelight is the major achievement made by women and let's look at the little things that we've made better, shall we? For starters, makeup doesn't identify us and it's now grown to the point that men too have embraced their love for the art.

"You can't use me!"

Oh and by the way, we're strong enough to handle our own selves now. It's not about "owning my heart" anymore, we give it to who we please. The best part about being independent is how we don't need a man to make us happy!

Bringing a new way of thinking

Well being an independent woman means you introduce your men to the right way of raising their daughters. Hey, if you can't understand the effects of your actions then you cant possibly help your daughter through it!

Identifying yourself 1: You're on your own!

You know you're an independent woman when you don't need anyone else to do your work for you. You can do anything and everything you put your mind to, there's absolutely no one you need to rely on and that's what makes you so great.

Identifying yourself #2: You're never alone

An independent woman never loses her value no matter where she is. She understands her own worth and makes sure she spends her free time doing exactly what she loves. You know what that means? You don't need to rely on anyone, you are your own woman!

Identifying yourself #3: What needs to be done is done

No matter what the work is, an independent woman can always complete the work herself. She doesn't need a leader, she is her own leader. That's the best part about standing on your own feet, it saves time, builds confidence and makes you one hell of a woman!

Identifying yourself #4: Indecisive? What's that?

If you're an independent woman then you're fierce. You know what you want and you go out there and get it. There's absolutely no room for various different decisions distracting you because you are confident in your ability to own.

Identifying yourself #5: Confidence defines you

Confidence isn't just in your walk, it's in everything you do. You know your true potential, your strengths and your weaknesses and you own it with pride. It's one thing to know your true capabilities but it's another to perfectly dedicate yourself to your flaws.

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