15 Things That All Guys Do But Never Have The Guts To Admit

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 17, 2017

Guys act like they are super uncomplicated and straightforward and that women are the ones who have so much going on in their minds that they might burst. But this isn't necessarily true, men are just as complicated. And not only emotionally, all men have little secret thing they do in their day to day life that they don't want people to know about. If you want to get a closer look into a man psyche, here are a couple clues that just might give us all a deeper understanding of men and who they are.

They Get Emotional

It is the biggest front in the history of mankind. This "I am a man and I have no feelings" thing is complete bullsh*t. Men get emotional and often just as easily as women do. So next time that really sappy dog food commercial comes on, look over at your guy, he's probably holding back some tears.

The Like Being One Of The Girls

They might roll their eyes and make comments about how boring it is to hang out with just you and your girlfriends, but the second the wine comes out, some face masks and a sex and the city marathon comes on, he's on the couch with you all talking about how annoying carrie is and sipping his pinot gregio.

He Likes Girly Drinks

He orders a beer, you order a delicious lavender lemon martini with a sugar rim. He keeps eyeing your drink telling you it's girly, but one sip later he can't stop talking about how delicious it is. He would order twenty of them if they didn't come with a big pink flower on top.

He Knows When Another Man Is Attractive

He might be a little hesitant to admit it, but when another guy walks by and is a total smoke show and you and your girlfriends can't help but comment, your guy might protest at first, but he will be admit when he thinks a guy is really attractive to the point of being a bit jealous.

He Likes To Gossip

He always makes a comment when he walks in on you gossiping with your girlfriends, but the second they all leave he is inquiring to you what the new hot gossip is. He may not admit at first that he likes it, but he wants to be in the know as badly as you do.

He Likes Being The Little Spoon

Going to sleep with your guys and laying your head on his chest while his arm is draped around your body is one of the most comfortable and happy positions to be in. But in the morning when your guy is laying on his side, he loves nothing more than when you throw your arms around him and be his big spoon.

He Cares What You Think About His Style

He has his favorite jeans and t-shirt that he wears on rotation and it comes off as if he doesn't really care about what you think about his clothes but he does. Whenever he goes shopping he always has you in mind when he is picking out his newest pair of levies.

He Wants To Impress Your Parents

He gets nervous whenever you two go out with your parents, and he plays it off as if he doesn't want to go or that he doesn't feel like he has anything to talk about with them, but really he wants to impress them because he wants them to think he is worthy of you.

He Wants Kids Someday

Because men don't have the same internal clock that women do when it comes to the innate need to start having kids, men are found to be more "whatever" about kids and having them. But having kids is often part of their future dreams too and sometimes more important to them than to their girl.

He's Worried About Aging

Women are always being forced to deal with anti-aging beauty products in the media, and it is as if women are trying their hardest to stop time while men can live all relaxed and salt and pepper haired. But men worry about aging just as much as women, especially when they start to notice their hairline receding.

He Needs To Talk About His Past

Women tend to be such an open book and the one in the relationship who over shares their feelings and needs to rehash things from the past. While men tend to keep things bottled up. But guys need and appreciate those deep talks where they go through things that have happened in their past, its healing for them as well.

He Worried He's Not Good Enough For You

You are in a loving relationship that feels equal. You think that your guy is your rock and has no fears or doubts. But when guys are in love they worry that they are not good enough for their partner because they want to be the best person they can be for them while also being strong.

He Loves To Annoy You

You might find him so frustrating when he taunts you or makes you all frustrated and annoyed. But he actually thinks it is so adorable when you hit him and yell at him for getting you all riled up. it's his way of telling you how adorable he thinks you are.

He Wants You To Be Proud Of Him

Whatever he does in his life, there is an element of it that is accomplished because he wants to make you proud. Whether he got a promotion, or he runs a marathon or he quits smoking. He does these things because he wants to and because he wants to make you proud.

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