Zodiac Signs Which Are the Most Difficult to Love

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

Heartbreak and love is written in the stars. No, seriously, your zodiac star can be the reason why you're facing so much difficulty. If you weren't aware of this fact earlier, it's time to start paying attention now since your love life is on the line. So it's time to turn away from your heartbreak by becoming a little wiser. The following are the most difficult zodiac signs to love listed from most to least difficult to love.


Why? Because they're two-faced, that's why. They're known for their fickleness. Their high intelligence means they need someone who is their intellectual equal. Yet they're also emotionally immature so cheating or ghosting on someone doesn't appear like a big deal to them.


A sign that is renowned for not knowing what they want. They also give mixed signals which drive them and others around them crazy. The need a lot of room to grow emotionally but until that happens, they are emotionally draining and can be really taxing to deal with.


Another sign that is indecisive is Libra. Just like the scale, they take the time to weigh the pros and cons of a situation. Unfortunately, you never know what can tip the scale over. They can also be rather selfish; focusing more on their own gratification in a callous manner.


Independent and self-assured, Virgos are very well spoken but their sense of entitlement tends to get the better of them at times. They can be very demanding from a person and tend to be as emotionally draining as a Scorpio. Patience is definitely a virtue here.


Sagittarius love excitement which makes them very fun partners but their need to be on the move makes them hesitant to commit. Sagittarius needs someone that runs beside them instead of behind them. However, not everyone can keep up and they're not afraid to leave them behind.


Private and reserved, the lack of communication can prove to be a problem. Aquarius is naturally not inclined to let people in, even when the right person is in front of them. Being with them can require a lot of patience but when they finally let you in, it's worth it.


The money making star, Capricorn can become too caught up in work. They're notorious workaholics and usually weigh the pros and cons of any situation. However, their tendency to be so practical can often extinguish the spark in the relationship.


Confident, independent and self-assured, Leo's are hard not to fall for. The fact that they love engaging everyone and being inclusive makes them all the more appealing. Unfortunately, the independence of this sign makes it difficult for one to reach a deeper connection with them.


The perfect partner in crime is Aries. They're very committed to their partners and will be the perfect person to lean on. It's hard not to feel special with an Aries around but if you don't reciprocate in a similar manner, they can become resentful easily too.


Soft hearted, Pisces love the drama of romance. Think candle light dinners and roses. They're also more than happy to share what is one their mind and in their hearts. However, this tendency to love drama also means they can make some serious drama too.


Rather shy, Cancer's tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to idolize the people they fall in love with. They're naturally nurturing, attentive and very patient with a person's shortcomings. However, when reality hits, they're also pretty quick at abandoning their idols too.


Love for a Taurus has no grey areas. They're either all in or not. They're also known for their steady nature and always build relationships on foundations that last. Unfortunately, they're notoriously bull-headed so it can be an uphill battle to make a Taurus see your point of view.

Disastrous Combinations - Leo and Capricorn

A Capricorn's practical nature will become grating for the larger than life Leo. They tend to live in the moment while Capricorn will tend to pace them and make them think of the future. The thrifty and cautious nature will begin to grate on a Leo.

Disastrous Combinations - Gemini and Pisces

The Gemini's fickleness and carelessness is magnified in this combination since Pisces are sensitive and soft hearted. While Pisces is brooding and moody, Gemini simply tends to crack a few more jokes to lighten the mood, unwittingly adding more fuel to the fire in this situation.

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