15 Things Women Don't Realize About Men

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 17, 2017

No matter what generation the world comes to, each gender will always have its separate list of pros and cons. It's an unalterable fact. When it comes to men particularly, there's a lot that women simply don't get. And let's be honest, men aren't the best at explaining how they feel or why they do a certain thing. They don't have the mental capacity of a woman, not to say that they're any less, but that they're just built that way. It's not entirely impossible either to crack the ways of men. Here are 15 things men wish women realized.

They Love Cuddling

You might be well aware of this if you've actually got your man to let his guard down. But if not, then it's something you should definitely pay attention to. Men love cuddling just as much (or possibly more!) as women. In fact, when he meets the right person, he won't want to stop holding her.

Multitasking is a Mission

The mind of a woman is active and can think of multiple things in one go. However, it's not the same for men. Men like dealing with one thing at a time. They cannot multitask because it's an honest mission for them, so getting mad at him won't do much except make him feel bad about something that's not under his control at all.

They Don't Like Being Jealous

You know when you talk to that boy he told you stay away from just to make him jealous? Yeah, that's a surefire way to let him know its okay to walk away. A little bit of jealousy is healthy in relationships, but if you're going out of your way just to get a reaction, he'll begin comparing you to the devil.

Men Cry Too

Surprised? Don't be. Men have a heart and they are capable of feeling everything that you feel. Sure, they won't start crying randomly just because they're feeling insecure. But men do cry. They just hate admitting it to avoid getting teased about it later.

They're More Insecure than You Think

Women tend to make the mistake of not paying attention to how they're making him feel, but God forbid if he does the same thing. The fact of the matter is, everything your man does in your company is to impress you. That's just a part of their nature. But if they see you eyeing another guy, they are also capable of spending the whole day in front of the mirror pointing out their flaws.

They Want to Be Complimented Too

If you really take a step back and think about it, why do you seek compliments? So that you feel better about yourself. It's the same when it comes to men. They spend a lot of time dressing up, trying to look their best just so you'll notice him. So a compliment or two, from time to time, really won't hurt. Everyone needs a bit of reassurance every now and then.

They Are Problem Solvers by Nature

Men are generally problem solvers by nature. If you tell him a problem, he's gonna wanna solve it right then and there. So instead of rambling about and complaining about a certain thing, try to tone it down and take it easy. Men start to get irritated a lot when you complain, so only voice your concerns when you're in search of a solution.

They're Not Always Thinking

There are so many instances when a woman asks what her man is thinking, and he doesn't have a response. In a lot of cases, this turns into a full blown out fight. However, men aren't always thinking about something, even if it looks like he is, but to put them in that spot is certainly not a good thing. Just accept that he's telling the truth and save your relationship because this behavior will push him away.

They Appreciate You for You

Women are suckers for makeup and they love beautifying themselves by experimenting with different techniques and products and whatnot. But men appreciate real beauty a lot more than a caked up face. So if you really want to capture his heart, allow yourself to be yourself. That doesn't mean you show up to a date with a 'just-woke-up' face. It's good to put in some effort, but keep it natural.

Playing Hard-to-Get is Boring

For years and years, men have been the ones to chase after the woman while she makes him work for it. Although there's nothing wrong with that even now, if you keep playing hard-to-get just to keep him on his toes, it will get old. Scheming will push him away when he realizes what's going on.

They Like Girly Things Too

Although most men won't admit to this, they do like girly things as well. Some men even love grooming themselves by getting manicures and pedicures, or watching chick flicks. The only reason he'll deny it is if he's trying to avoid getting teased and made fun of - because well, dudes do that.

They're Not Always Thinking about Sex

Although men think about sex a lot, it's not like there's nothing else they ever think about. Sometimes, a man just wants to be comfortable with you and have a conversation with some chilled beers - with absolutely no intention of it turning to anything else but that.

They're Awful at Reading Your Mind

Often times, women just expect their man to know exactly what's on their mind without even explaining anything to them. The fact of the matter, however, is that they're not mind readers. Men are really bad at guessing what's up and even if they worry about it, there's a high chance he won't know what's up.

They Need a Lot of Space

Even though he's a guy and he probably spends most of his waking hours with his boys, all men need some time to themselves. They need this time to just be themselves without any judgment or teasing, and to just clear their head. So if he's saying he needs space, it's probably not personal.

Your Laugh Is Probably The Best Sound to Him

Men absolutely love making women laugh. They feel obliged to crack jokes that would make you laugh till your stomach hurts. It's one of the best feeling to them, but to see you controlling your laughter will make him think there's something wrong with him. Stop thinking so much and just laugh your loudest!



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