We Organized the Game of Thrones Characters From Shortest to Tallest With Shocking Results

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | October 17, 2017

Everyone knows about Game of Thrones - it is probably the hottest and most watched show at the moment. Heck, I'm watching an episode while typing this (okay, the episode in running in the background, but still.). Anyway, you might think you know the show's characters well, but that may not be the case - their height can appear vastly different on the show, from what it is in real life. Today - I'm going to reveal their true height. Take a look:

Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister

Okay - I admit it, the first character to be listed was going to be fairly predictable - I mean, who could be shorter on the show than Peter Dinklage - the guy who is behind the iconic character of Tyrion Lannister, one of the best royals in the show?

Maisie Williams - Arya Stark

You probably didn't expect young Maisie Williams to be the second shorter character, but here she is - standing at a minuscule 5'1", which is 1,55m. This is slightly less than the average female height in Europe and the US, interestingly.

Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen

Here is the third shortest character in the Game of Thrones universe - Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen. Damn, she does look a lot different in real life than in the TV shows. Her hair is all different, but her eyes staid the same.

Michelle Fairley - Catelyn Stark

Here we have Michelle Fairley, who plays the role of Catelyn Stark, Arya's mother. The Stark family have a lot of problems going on in the TV show, which perhaps results in their stringent growth - Catelyn is just 5'5", or 1.65m.

Hannah Murray - Gilly

I may have been slightly wrong above in this text - it appears there is a TIE for the 3rd place. It appears that Hannah Murray, who plays the role of Gilly in the famous TV show, is also 5'5" tall, which would be 1.65 for our European and Asian readers.

Lena Headey - Cersei Lannister

She may be just 10cm (which is like 3-4 inches) taller than the previous two actresses, but that was enough to get her out of 3rd position and land her the coveted 4th shortest person on Game of Thrones award.

Natalie Dormer - Margaery Tyrell

Damn this girl is tall - I still haven't seen the end of this list, but knowing the average female height in the world makes me think she is going to be one of the last females on this list. She is actually taller than some of the guys I know.

Rose Leslie - Ygritte

Here is another tall female character - presented by Rose Leslie, which played the role of Ygritte, a name which I just can't pronounce correctly. She is standing at 5'6", though to be more exact for our foreign readers, that is 1.68m.

Gemma Whelan - Yara Greyjoy

Greyjoy is such a funny name - if fits very nicely in the Game of Thrones universe. She is tied for the same position with the actor behind the Ygritte character - since they are both 5'6" tall, which translates into 1.68m.

Carice Van Houten - Melisandre

What is this problem, with everyone being 5'6" tall, and exactly 1.68m? Here we have another actor, called Carice Van Houten, who plays the role of Melisandre in the Game of Thrones universe. She is also tied for the same position.

Dean Charles Chapman - Tommen Baratheon

Here we have finally the second male character to be listed on this height list. This is Dean Charles Chapman, who plays the role of Tommen Baratheon, a character with an exquisitely weird name. It is almost as funny as "Greyjoy."

Nathalie Emmanuel - Missandei

Someone needs to tell Nathalie Emmanuel - she is already topping the charts at 5'7", which would be 1.7m for our foreign readers. I have to write the heights in these two measures - some people just don't understand feet and inches.

Jack Gleeson - Joffrey Baratheon

Now, this is one evil character that is still giving me the spooks. This is Joffrey Baratheon, one of the evilest royals in the show. He was played by actor Jack Gleeson, who is 5'7", or 1.7m - barely taller than most of the women on the show.

Indira Varma - Ellaria Sand

Proving my previous point about Joffrey not being tall enough (most evil characters are never tall - is it malnutrition issues?), we have Indira Varma, who plays the role of Ellaria Sand. She stands at a tall 5'7", which would be 1.71m.

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