15 Amazing and Daring T-Shirt Designs

Entertainment | By Ray Porter | October 17, 2017

What we wear can be a symbol of who we are, a person's choice in clothing can tell a lot about them. Throughout history, clothes have suggested their wearer's social class, geological location, age, and gender. In modern times the pigeonholing ability of a person's dress is more limited, as dress tells more about the personality of the person and the occasion they are attending than their standing. For representing personalities, T-shirt designs tend to be favoured and here's a collection of amazing T-shirt designs.

The Kawaii T-shirt

Ever wondered how it would feel to be so small that you were cute. This kawaii t-shirt will always be about to remind you that if you were small enough to fit into the palm of a hand you would be incredibly cute.

Hard Rock Mama

Here's a T-shirt for that punk teenager that grew up and fell in love with her little baby inside of her, but never forgot that dark angsty lifestyle. This t-shirt design is so cute and refreshingly unique that you have to admire the creativity of the design.

The Bikini Shirt

The bikini shirt is your ticket to freedom. Ever wanted to have that bikini wearing look but been a bit self-conscious? Here's your solution, it'll keep you covered and in a bikini at the same time. Additionally, winter now doesn't have to be a reason not to wear your bikini shirt.

The 'I'm Fine' Tee

Well, that might not be the way it seems. I'm sure there's a good few pranksters out there that would love to have a spin in this realistic T. At first glance this shirt is definitely enough to give people a little shock, and the wearer a little giggle.

The Venetian Blind

This is a really cool idea. And it's great because it's interactive too. The tee has an artistically draw venetian blind on the front. The ingenuity comes in the form of a real working draw sting. Its practicality may be limited to the bedroom though.

The Video Game Tee

This one's a little cheeky in a cute way. A win for the video gamers of the world. This shirt has got a video game controller stretched across the chest, lining up with where a woman's breasts would sit. Added bonus for the joystick placements.

Halloween Solved

Want a simple but impressive Halloween outfit solution? Well here you got. This ingenious T-shirt design has an exposed spinal cord showing making use of a partial black background to create the effect of missing flesh. It's not realistic making it pretty cute.

The Workout Tracker

Don't get sold on those fancy expensive fitness watches. All you really need is this personal trainer shirt. This shirt has a measurement printed on the front of the tee to measure the length of your sweat stain. The measurements are in minutes for you to tell how long you've worked out.

Oooo Spooky

Another addition for your Halloween closet. The ghost t-shirt is a must have for the horror movie lover. The T shows the restraint of a truly great horror movie, not revealing the true form of the monster and maintaining the suspense.

Resident Evil Tee

This resident evil Tee has an inventive double use. Wearing it normally your showing your support for your favourite franchise. And it's second use can also go in your Halloween closet. Pull it over your head to start the zombie outbreak.

The Sharpie Tee

Want to seem more creative and artistic than you really are? Then this Tee is for you. You can get one of these cute sharpie drawings as a T-shirt for you. This crocodile example is so cute and inventive, it's a mystery we don't see more of these around.

The Painter Tee

This painter tee is another clever use of graphics. This tee shirt becomes a work in progress, indulging the absurdist idea that small structures are made the same as big structures, just with smaller people. There is also a tragedy in the graphic as the painter will never complete his work.

The Extensions Tee

If you crave long luscious hair but can't grow it yourself, are impatient, and don't want to fork out for extensions we've found you a solution. This T-shirt makes your hair appear longer while advertising hair growth cream, just make sure you match your hair colour.

Striped Tee

This stripy design isn't the first time lines have been manipulated into cool designs, think 'Joy Division' album artwork, but that doesn't make it look any less impressive. The straight, uniform blue line work has been manipulated to look like ripples in the water.

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