The Stunning Truth About Dating Someone Older Than You

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 17, 2017

Ladies, here is the deal. Young guys who are completely inexperienced and all over the place when it comes to relationships are so out. Yes, I know they can be super hot and their aloof personalities make it feel like there is some crazy romantic chemistry when really they are most likely ignoring you to snap chat another girl. The real male god mine are older men. Think George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and all these guys who have matured into these salt and pepper silver haired hotties. They want to commit, they have seen the world, they got their shit together and they will know how to please you. If you need some more convincing here are some reasons to date an older man.

He's A Complete Person

When we are young, yes we are wild and carefree and fun, but we have so much life yet to experience that we are just fragments of our whole selves. Spare yourself the pain of having to help a guy grow up and date an older man who has done the inner work and knows who he is.

He's More Open To Seeing Things Your Way

A stubborn man is a stubborn man, but a mature man is going to at least try to see things from your point of view instead of totally pushing your opinions aside because he has been through all of this and knows that the only way to success in a relationship is to put the stubbornness aside.

They Know How To Make "It" Work

Whether they know that after a long day of work you would love nothing more than a glass of wine and a hot bath and you come home to find both waiting for you. Or after a fight he knows that he can make things up to you buy swallowing his pride and saying sorry first even if he isn't sure who is right. A mature man knows how to keep a relationship going.

They Don't Let Jealousy Rule Them

We all get jealous, it's a normal feeling that we can either choose to let it consume us or we can push it aside. With a mature man, he will be better equipped to handle his jealousy so that it does not affect you or the relationship because he has learned to do this over the years.

They Are Emotionally Balanced

Over the years we have to learn how to balance our emotions in order to live a happy and stable life. Older men are much less likely to fly off the handle or sink into a deep depression because they have take the years to grow and mature as a man in this world.

The Don't Play Texting Games

Texting has come into our culture and completely ruined the already fragile communication relationship between men and women. A mature man is over this texting game and will be more clear and upfront with his messages to you in order to not let anything get miscommunicated.

He Has A Lot Of Experience In Life

Before he met you, he has already lived so much of his life. He has so much life experience and interesting stories to bring to the relationship, it's like choosing to read a good thick book where every chapter just gets better and better, he will never bore you.

Age Is Just A Number

You will hear this and have to say this a lot if you choose to get into a relationship with an older man. But, its the truth. You are only as old as you feel, and if you are a mature and confident woman and he is a carefree man, you two don't need to be defined by a number to work well together.

They Are More Financially Savvy Than You

You might not be thinking yet about savings for retirement or buying a house. But he is, because he has been doing this for longer. He knows what mistakes you shouldn't make with your money and what is a better investment and not only can he teach you but he can be a good support to you.

He Supports Your Through Your Life's Hardships

he has been around this world for a bit longer than you have, he knows that life can get tough and so he is much more understanding and supportive of your when you go through some tough learning lessons in life. He not only will be a good shoulder to cry on but he will have a lot of good advice.

You Keep Him Young

Yes he is the older and more mature one, but that gives you a great excuse to embrace your youth and be wild and carefree. He will appreciate that you keep him young and that you both are adventurous and fun and it will make you feel like you aren't growing up too fast.

They Are Willing To Commit

No more wishy washy young guys who keep you in this weird friends with benefits zone where they don't have to actually take responsibility in the relationship. A mature man will know when it's appropriate time to take the next step in a relationship and he wont be afraid to commit.

He Has Been Through This Before

Maybe your guy has been married and has gone through a messy divorce, maybe he has had a string of long term relationships. Your older man has been through this before and is going to have some knowledge of it all to bring to the table which is going to be beneficial to you both in the end.

He Is Better In Bed

Not only has he just been doing it for a lot longer, but he knows that focusing on a womans pleasure is the true gateway to mind blowing sex. It's not going to be just about him, it's going to be about you two together in bed. Bonus, he will probably have a couple tricks up his sleeve you have never experienced before.

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