15 Hilarious 'You Had One Job' Photo Fails

Humor | By Ray Porter | October 17, 2017

The internet is full of hilarious pictures for us to all enjoy. In the internet age we live in, no person's mistake is kept secret. If it's caught on film or with a picture, it's then the whole world's business or entertainment. There are different types of funny pictures for every interest, due to the simple vastness of content. So much so that kinds of genres have emerged. And one of the more popular and amusing genres is the 'You Had One Job' pictures.

C'mon Painter You Had One Job

All tradesmen know the pain that bad weather can cause. There are several jobs such as, concreting, waterproofing, and painting that are slowed done dramatically, if not ruined completely, by bad rainy weather. Either this painter didn't check the forecast or was just unlucky with a freak storm.

No Company is Too Big

It's in no way just the smaller unknown companies and business that screw up their one job. As evidenced even Coca Cola is not immune. To add to the embarrassment, this had to go through at least two people who screwed up their one job. Quality Control anyone?

Really? This One's a Big Mistake

C'mon guys, this is just embarrassing. Think of Superman's feelings, he may never recover for this. Superman and Batman were just starting to repair their relationship, now we are going to end up with a Batman vs. Superman 2 instead of 'The Justice League'.

The Procurement Sector May Need Some Help

Parking gate, you had one job. Someone really should have got the measuring tape out for this because this parking both is doing absolutely nothing. Well at least it's giving us a chuckle but some must have been called into the boss' office over this.

Can I Copy Your Homework? Sure, Just Chang it Up a Little

Whoever created this year book made one small mistake but I'm sure everyone is going to notice. And it's going to be hilarious to everyone except for Teresa and family. Honesty though, it's so hard to take a good photo might as well make us of Bens beautiful face.

This is Why We have Spelling Tests

Kids when you are arguing with you teachers trying to tell them that you don't need to know how to spell properly, remember this picture. It could just been a brain slip, but someone screwed up their one job and now it's in fluoro yellow for all to see. Avoid embarrassment and study for that spelling test.

Sure it's Not a Spork

"Damn it, Janice you had one job, these aren't forks they're spoons!" Eventually someone got a real stern talking to over this. Whoever designed the packaging may have been distanced from the end-product but their mistake is as broad as day to us.

It Could have been One of Two Mistakes

Sure, it looks bad for whoever put up the signage but they could have been colour blind. I that case the fault falls to the manager who didn't get to know her staff well enough. I management you should make the best of your recourses.

Umm, Something Went Wrong Here

The deadlines must have been pressing down on this poor reporter's mind because he skipped over something really important. He had one job to get that article ready in time and somehow this hilarious mistake slipped through all the cracks for our enjoyment.

Wait, What?

I'm really not sure what to say about this. What even happened here. Someone definitely failed at their one job, but what's worse is that they failed by doing their job twice. Twice the work and nothing to show for it.

No Biggie

I don't see what you are all getting excited over. This one is not a big deal, easily worked around. Just hold the cup from the inside. Problem solved. This photo also looks like it was taken at home, why did someone buy this and take it home?

Oh No They Didn't.

This mistake is going to have some serious public relations issues resulting from it. It seems like supermarket workers just don't work with signs so well. Pepsi drinkers and Coca Cola drinkers are polar opposites and have a level of loyalty reserved for their preferred beverage.

Is That Better or Worse than China

Products made in China receive quite a lot of criticism for their lack of quality. It's considered that these items are made of cheap materials, with unskilled labour, in awful conditions, and break easily. 'Chian' however, is a completely different story.

Are You Sure Those Are Onions

Those have got to be some of the sweetest onions you will ever taste. What was this person thinking? I've never even seen corn sold in this kind of packaging, it's unique to onions and potatoes. Not to mention the obvious visual differences.

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