Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 12, 2018

It is true that men have more physical strength than women and historically have been fairly violent toward them. The scorned women usually have no resort other than to cry and patiently wait until the man's mood becomes better. But after learning these self defense techniques, women are no longer subject to the mood swings of an oppressive man and no one would be able to get away with after harassing them.

Showing that you're aware

Assailants prefer to stalk women who are unaware and distracted instead of those that actually pay attention. But if a woman shows that she is aware of the environment around her, it naturally serves to discourage their attempts.

Prepare for the inevitable

If you know that an a stalker has made his intentions clear and is about to pounce at you, then it is time to assume a fighting position. Move your hands to your chest, place your foot in front of the other and tilt your body forward.

Take care of your hair

In a fight or flight situation, your hair could be your biggest weakness. All it takes is someone to hold you by your strand of hairs and the battle will already be over. So tuck your air into your collar.

You will need a weapon for this

Sometimes you know that the assailant has more physical strength than you. You will need to find a weapon to even the odds in our favor - anything pointy will work, including a pen, keys, an umbrella or even your handbag.

Immediately call for help

Raise your voice and call for backup because this can scare the attacker away. They do not want to be caught harassing you and will try to bail out as soon as they've heard your cry of help.

The weak spots in the human body

It doesn't matter if you're the world's strongest man ever, we all have weak points on our body, the most common ones include yes, nose neck, groin and the knee area. Aim for these vital spots if it comes to that.

Do not hesitate to fight

The main reason why most women are unable to fight their assailant is because they are afraid they might anger him and end up hurting themselves more. Your fighting tactics will anger him, but they could give you the chance to escape.

Just run

It doesn't have to be about a showdown where you beat the daylights out of your would-be assailant. If you've found the opportunity to run, then do so immediately. Escape is always better than fighting for your survival.

Observe your surroundings

When you're walking through dangerous streets, keep both your ears and eyes open. Listen for the sounds of unexpected movements in the distance. Do not busy yourself by listening to music in this critical situation, just keep your eyes peeled.

The environment is your friend

Use any objects nearby that could be used to scare the assailant away, for instance try to break windows to crate noise, turn on a car alarm and even throw the trash can around. Anything which could create chaos and signal a scuffle.

Never lose your panic

Every dangerous situation demands that you maintain composure and never lose your nerve. It is common to panic, but try to keep your cool and remain vigilant at all times. Maintaining your wits about you is half the battle.

If you're getting choked from behind

If the assailant has captured you from behind, then use your heel to stampede on their lower leg, inflict sharp pain which he simply can't ignore by sheer adrenaline. He will be forced to address the pain, giving you a chance to escape.

Grabbed from the back

A vulnerable position which prevents mobility and restricts movement of your arms. You can still utilize your head to hit him and hurl your heel in the direction of his crotch. The guy won't ignore the pain for long.

If he has you in a head squeeze

Before the man blocks your air passage and knocks you unconscious, is it vital to him to lose balance. You can do this by taking hold of his leg and shake it around to get him to lose his grip on you.

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