15 Movies That Are Worth Watching When Your Life Is Falling Apart

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | April 12, 2018

All of us have been through personal catastrophes that break us apart. These personal catastrophes can constitute of anything including bankruptcy or a love struggle. One thing that can be considered common about all of the catastrophes that you encounter in life is that there is basically a lack of motivation and inspiration in your life than can ultimately be harmful.


At such times of despair one can always benefit from some inspiration in life. This inspiration comes to you in many ways, and you should look for it, since you need the inspiration to get out of the tight spot that you may find yourself in.


It is best that you start looking for inspiration in movies, because movies hold the key to you coming out of the situation you are in. Looking at people go through tough situations and making their way out of them can be good.

Movies worth Watching

Here we have made a list of some movies that you should definitely watch if you feel like your life is falling apart. These movies will help you bring your life back on to track and will give you the hope you need here.

If I Stay

This is one of the most inspiration movies out there that shows Chloe Mortez at her very best. The young cello player has a life changing accident which places her at a very important junction in her life.


The life of the prodigy, Samatha Crawford is shattered when she loses her beloved husband in a life shattering experience. She doesn't want to live anymore, but a friend walks in to her life and reminds her of the beauty here.

My Sister's Keeper

This is an interesting story that addresses many aspects. A lawyer here has to represent an unusual case when a 11 year old girl files a case against her parents after she finds a secret about her birth.

The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel has cancer and is made to visit a cancer support group against her will. She walks in and meets Augustus, who she starts liking. Both of them start having feelings and live through the life they have left together.

Soul Kitchen

Zinos is the owner of a not-so-famous restaurant located inside Hamburg. Things aren't going well, but he hires a new chef who turns things around. Success starts coming gradually, but his life turns wild and he starts facing disasters.

Now is Good

Tassa is a female teenager dying of Leukemia. She wants to liver life like a normal teenager and makes a bucket list of things she wants to do before dying. Topping this list is her desire to loser her virginity before death.

Still Alice

Alice Howland, Julianne Moore, is a linguistics professor and three children. Life seems to be going well for her, but things soon change and she starts forgetting words. This makes way for an interesting twist in the story.

My Life Without Me

Ann is just 23 and is living a troubled life as a janitor inside a university. She has a husband who hates everyone and 2 kids with her. Life changes when she gets to know that she is suffering from terminal cancer and may just have 3 months to live.

Book Thief

The story comes from Germany in World War 2. A 9 year old little girl named Liesel just moved to Munich with her adoptive parents and starts learning how to read books. Books soon become her life for her and she begins stealing them.


Enoch, who survived clinical death and had lost his parents in a car accident, gets to meet a girl named Annabel at a funeral. These young people soon fall in love with each other and develop feelings for each other.


Saroo, the protagonist, was born in a poor family belonging to India. He was lost when he was 5 and was adopted by a couple from Australia. After 25 years the child sets forth to find his own family that he was separated from.

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