15 Most Obvious Signs You Are Dating a Guy Who Respects You

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | October 17, 2017

Women have a rather large problem in deciding whether the guy they are dating truly respects, or is just wasting their time, waiting for sex or something else. The problem arises from the fact that women have a lot of choice in dating, with many guys sending them texts on a daily basis - but most of these guys are not actually seriously looking for a girl to date - what they are looking for is a one-night stand or something similar. These 15 signs will help you pick the real partners:

He Exaggerates Your Talents

You are probably blushing every time he introduces you to his family or friends - why? Because he over-exaggerates your talents and personality traits. He doesn't do this intentionally - it just that he has the best opinion of you a person could have.

He Gets Jealous

If a guy gets jealous when you talk about other guys or your interaction with other guys, that means he cares - and if he cares - that means he respects you, and wants you only for himself. If he doesn't care about other guys, that means he isn't with you for the long-haul.

His Sexual Goals Focus on You

It is natural for him to want to satisfy his own needs, but if a guy also takes the time to learn what you want, and how to satisfy your wishes (like for example, getting you to climax multiple times) - that means you have a keeper!

He Has Your Back

If you talking with someone in person or over the phone, and you have a strong opinion about the topic of discussion - you will notice whether your partner is approving and smiling back, or backing-off in shame. The former means he respects you.

He Loves to Ask You Questions

I'm not talking here about asking questions for ANYTHING - but let's just say you are good at painting, and he wants to learn how to paint. If he asks you for guidelines and instructions, that means he trusts you, and above all, respects you.

He Build-Up Your Confidence

Sometimes, your partner may be placed in a difficult position, where he has to push you outside his comfort zone in order to help you progress in some area. This is for your own benefit - don't hate him for the effort. It also means he has a high opinion of you.

He Compliments You

I'm not talking about any type of compliment here - superfluous compliments mean noting - any guy at the bar can tell them to you. These compliments are more personal, it is when you do something that is great, and he congratulates you on the success - that's the type of compliment you are looking for.

There Are No Taboo Topics

You need a guy that is available for you, a guy that is ready to talk about any topic - from his wardrobe, to work issues and future plans. Your conversations must not have any imaginary limits or "pain points" - if your guy is like this, he loves you.

He's Your Support

Everyone has various health or work problems at some point in their life. Many people will have these problems on multiple occasions. Wel, if your guy is always there for you, ready to hug you and tell you everything is okay, he's the one for you.

He Understands That Arguments Can Happen

A guy that respects you, knows that when the time for an argument or fight arises, people can say nasty things that they don't really mean. If something like this has happened between you, he will know not to hold those words against you.

He Learns From Mistakes

If a guy sometimes hurts you, perhaps in an argument, he knows how to learn from his mistakes, and not do the same thing again in the future. We all make mistakes, but the difference is that nice people know how to improve.

He Readily Gifts

When he buys you something, or takes you someplace, he doesn't make you feel like you owe him something - he is ready to gift, and expects nothing in return. You will, of course, return the favor, but you will feel more respect when doing so.

He Misses You

Unfortunately, we can't be with our partners all the time. If your partner has to go somewhere with his friends, and he calls back or sends a message saying that he misses you, this is a very positive sign for the future of your relationship.

He Challenges You

A guy shouldn't be a complete softie around you. You need a challenge, you need someone to help you grow as a person. If he respects you, he will know this beforehand, and will not become a complete softie around you - for your own good.

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