15 Tips To Take Care Of You And Your Baby During Pregnancy

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 12, 2018

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of a mother. Not only is she experiencing a beautiful phase in her own life but the sheer realization that she is responsible for another human being's care at such a vulnerable stage is extraordinarily beautiful. With that in mind, here are some extraordinarily important tips that can help both a mother and her unborn child during a pregnancy.

The muscles:

Just because you're pregnant does not mean you are sick. Exercising and working out through some particular exercises can increase both your own health and the baby's health. It can also help you combat a lot of issues like insomnia, mood problems and weigh gain.

Sex during pregnancy:

Sex during pregnancy is always something that would be better answered by your physician. It is not something that you should avoid under all circumstances unless there is a high risk pregnancy or if there is a chance of seriously injuring the unborn child.

No smoking:

Smoking is a big no-no while you're pregnant. You are well too aware of the harmful effects of smoking on an adult human being. Imagine how dangerous it must be for an unborn child. A child has a weaker immune system which could seriously damage it.

No hot tub or sauna:

While you're pregnant you must avoid all areas or sections that are of high temperatures. While the cold temperature doesn't harm the child as much, it could be very bad for him in case of hot temperatures. Stay away from hot tubs and saunas and keep in mild temps if possible.


Seatbelts are an important part of any safety in the car routine but once you're pregnant you're going to have to take some special care of the unborn child. Make sure you don't pull a strap directly above your womb or else you may cause damage to it.

Too much coffee:

Remember that bit about avoiding hot water and all other hot liquids. That applies to coffee as well. You must keep it in mind that this can be both harmful for the baby as well as you. The caffeine can travel through the placenta and increase the baby's heart rate.

No overeating:

Since you're pregnant you're going to feel the urges of wanting to stuff yourself full of as much food as possible. However, you have to resist as being pregnant is not some kind of a eat whatever you want license. How you eat and what you eat are important in this stage.

The cat's liter:

There is no restriction on you playing and having a nice time with your furry little friends. However, you must at all costs stay away from its liter box. These liter boxes are full of different parasites and cans seriously harm your child.

The dentist:

The visit to the dentist is something you should consider very carefully as it will impact how you maintain your health. Regular dental cleaning can help in keeping the baby safe and reducing the risk of any infections that might carry on to the child.

No unpasteurized milk:

The reason for this is because the unpasteurized milk is raw milk which often contains a bacterium named Listeria. This particular bacterium may lead to a very life threatening or even in extreme cases an illness or a miscarriage. It is not something to take lightly.

No alcohol:

There are many risks associated with consuming alcohol while you are pregnant. This includes the fact that your baby might end up with problems like low birth weight, learning disabilities, autism as well as behavioral problems. Stay away from the booze.


It is important that you get sound sleep and plenty of it during sleep. Your sleep is the time when the baby also has time to relax. The constant anxiety as well as changing hormone levels will harm you as well as the child if you are not careful with it.

The shoes:

It might seem like a trivial detail but it is important that you pay extra and close attention to the kind of boots that you will wear in this period. Too much pressure on your tootsies will create ache and it might impact the sensory responses of the unborn child.

No deli food:

Deli meat is something that looks smells and tastes extremely wonderful. But that is something that you should stay away in your pregnancy. Food borne illnesses like Listeriosis and toxoplasmosis is something that you should be wary of during this time.

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