Habits to Lose Extra Pounds Without Even Noticing

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 9, 2018

We all want sculpture our body into that perfect chiseled shape. After all, it is what we see in the movies - seeing our favorite actors and actresses performing on the camera performing various maneuvers which probably required years of training to perfect. But you don't necessarily have to grind yourself to reach this state of perfection - only change your habits only slightly so.

Make that belt tighter

Just before you eat lunch and dinner, put a ribbon around your waist. When you start eating, your stomach will begin to protrude outward, and when it does, the ribbon will feel tighter. This means its time to stop.

Drink from the longer glasses

It has been shown by studies that we pour 20 to 30 percent less liquid into long and thin glasses than in the shorter ones. Juices contain lots of calories and sugars which can contribute to you getting fatter.

Eating with the timer on

Set a timer for about 20 minutes and eat slowly. Take your time and don't rush because we tend to overeat when the brain doesn't have enough time to learn that we are already full. By the time we learn that we're full, it's already too late.

Take hot baths

According to studies, hot water helps you to lose weight. Scientists from Loughborough University found that one hour of hot bath can burn around 130 calories. This is as much as you lose after walking for more than 30 minutes.

Put a bowl of healthy fruits on the table

Healthy foods trigger our brains into reprogramming themselves into eating right. This process of reconditioning can be helped if you place pictures of fruits and vegetables on your desktop and workplace benches as well. Those social media posts also help!

Sitting at the end of the table

When you're surrounded by many people and lots of food, it becomes very difficult to not overeat. But if you sit at the end of the table, it becomes harder to reach certain foods and you decrease the chance of overeating.

Doing something nice before eating

When you incorporate a trigger before eating healthy food, it helps you to lose more weight. Certain habits which serve as a precursor to eating healthy will definitely make it a lot more easier to shed extra pounds.

Cut the food into smaller pieces

When you cut food into smaller pieces, it tricks the brain into thinking that there is more food on the plate than there really is. This way you will feel full before you begin to overeat. The same concept applies over to small plates.

Imaginary lunches

According to scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, imagining that we've already had a snack can result in eating less. They conducted a study in which people imagined that they ate certain foods and lost more weight because of it.

Don't make food 'offlimits'

Making certain food items 'off limits' is counterintuitive to a proper weight loss regime. When people lose their weight, they do so by strategically incorporating them into their lifestyles and still find a way to make their weight loss program sustainable.

Eating clean foods

Eating clean means you're gradually weaning off of processed foods. Processed foods are not natural and can result in a lot more preservatives than is possible. Clean foods help to receive more nutritious foods in to your system.

Portioning your food

The most powerful tools in your arsenal is to track the food. You need to keep track of what you're eating and how much of it is going inside your stomach. In other words, count the number of calories you're consuming.


A healthy part of any weight loss regime is exercise. You will see results when you combine cleaner food eating with a regular exercise regime. Find whatever moves work best for your lifestyle and do them at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Substituting your favorite foods

You should be able to find a healthier alternative to your favorite foods. You should continue to enjoy the foods you love - but in a healthier lifestyle. Because if you feel that you're missing out on the good stuff, your diet plan will fall apart.

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