Health Myths We've Believed Our Whole Lives That Aren't True

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 4, 2018

A lot of fairy tales and old wives' tales have been fed incessantly into our heads, only for us to realize that they aren't true. Most of us continue to believe in these myths in some shape or form. Perhaps our mothers would teach them to us in order to instill manners and get us to obey, perhaps they really did believe in these myths themselves. We're sure you've heard of these tales in some form.

Fresh products healthier than frozen ones

Lots of people believe that fresh produce is healthier to eat than the ones preserved in the freezer. This is not true because studies have come to conclude that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious.

Eating food before getting drunk

Many people believe that eating lots of food before consuming alcohol will make it harder to get drunk. So they drink their way to oblivion. That's not true because the intoxication process will initiate in spite of all the food you're eating.

Using painkillers

It is commonly believed that one should wait until the pain becomes absolutely unbearable before taking the painkillers. But this is a misconception, painkillers should be taken as soon as you start feeling pain - this is especially true if you have a chronic condition.

Larger size equals lower metabolism

Most people believe that the more weight a person has, the less metabolism they will have. Scientists have found that overweight people actually have a better and faster metabolism than then skinnier counterparts. So stop judging others because of their weight.

Reading in dim light

Most mothers are guilty of warning their children that reading in dim light can ruin their vision. But this is not true because the worst that dim light can do is make it difficult for your eyes to focus.

The computer screen can damage your eyes

Yet another myth that we've all heard at least once, that the screen can damage our eyes. This is not the truth because computer monitors do not emit nearly enough radiation to cause any form of damage to our eyes.

The conditioner can get rid of split ends

Shampoos, hair conditioners or any other hair product does not have the ability to make get rid of split ends. They only make your hair temporarily silkier and softer. The only known solution to get rid of split ends is to use a pair of scissors.

Men think of sex every seven seconds

Even if you are meant to take this statement figuratively instead of literally, it just doesn't make any sense. Although it is true that men think about sex much more than women do, they simply don't obsess over it as much.

The human body can become resistant to antibiotics

The human body has no influence on antibiotics at all. The main reason why antibiotics stop working is because the bacteria becomes resistant, not the human. For this reason you can't take an antibiotic for too long.

Why fingers wrinkle after taking a bath...

You may have observed your fingers wrinkle immediately after taking a bath, some people attribute to the fingers absorbing all the moisture. The truth is that the blood vessels constrict below the surface of the skin, making it appear that the fingers have wrinkled.

Antibiotics can cure the common cold

Most people try to fight the common cold using antibiotics. But this is simply not how antibiotics work, they are designed to fight certain bacterial infections - not colds which are caused by viruses that the body can easily expel on its own.

The cure to swallowing poisonous food

Many people believe that the cure to getting rid of food poisoning is by immediately throwing up. This can backfire because most poisons are acidic in nature and can cause more harm to the throat than to the stomach.

Licking fresh wounds

Some people instinctively lick their wounds thinking that it could help to relieve their pain. This can actually make the problem worse than it already. Think of all the bacteria which could transfer from your mouth to the damaged tissue!

Green mucus = viral infection?

Some people commonly believe that the green mucus exiting out of their noses is a sign of a viral infection. This has nothing to do with an infection and only depends on the protein content of your blood.

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