15 Signs That Help Recognize Toxic Relationships

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | April 4, 2018

There are telltale signs that your relationship could turn into a bitter cocktail of resentment very early on. The worst thing you could do to your better half is put them on a high pedestal which they clearly aren't worthy of. When you make someone feel better than they're actually worth, it turns the relationship sour in the blink of an eye. These 15 signs should help you avoid the common pitfalls.

You think he's the one

This is exactly how a destructive relationship starts out. You start believing this is the man who should become a part of your life, despite knowing next to nothing about him. This is because you've been deluded by his charms.

You think too highly of your partner

It is very common to put someone you love on a high pedestal and obsess over them to the point that you begin to idolize them. This is something which is guaranteed to become destructive after a short while.

Not taking time out for your friends

Your partner leeches from your energy and time which you should have been devoting to the rest of your friends. People who've stuck with you through thick and thin are now biting the dust thanks to your partner.

Your hobbies no longer occupy your time

Yet another common thing with early couples. Their partner takes up more time than they bargained for, eating into their hobbies. You no longer have the time for gardening, video gaming, playing with your pet and other healthy activities.

Ignoring the red flags

This is the biggest sign that you are in a destructive relationship - ignoring red flags which your partner is unable to hide despite trying their best to. After all, there is only so much they can do to hide their ugly character.

Blindly trusting your partner

You would trust every single thing your partner told you because you blindly put your faith in them. As a result you've fallen prey to many of their cruel pranks, they frequently lie to you about their habits.

You easily become jealous

Jealousy does seem to be the cornerstone of any destructive relationship which isn't going to last very long. You become obsessed with every single person your partner comes into contact with, including the opposite gender! Now that is unhealthy.

Obsessing over your partner

You expect your partner to spend all their time with you. So if they're out of the picture for a few minute, you end up getting worried about their commitment toward you. This obsessive behavior is only going to backfire.

Justifying their terrible behavior

You turn a blind eye to all of their faults, all of their blemishes and ever single crass thing they've ever said. If they are being unjust to others around them, eventually it will rub off on you as well.

You can't say no...

You just don't have it in you to turn down your partner's ridiculous requests. Even though your partner knows you don't have the means to honor their request, they know you are obsessed enough to go out of your way to accommodate them.

There is no respect

Respect is what binds a relationship together, without which it just beings to fall apart. You will eventually feel forced into the relationship without the respect to back it up. After all there is only so much that blind admiration can do.

They are easy to anger

When your partner realizes that you have become completely dependent on them, they will begin to realize very early on that they can reveal their crass character to you without any repercussions, that includes getting angry at you for small things.

They criticize every your every move

Your partner begins to make a mountain out of a mole hill. They criticize every single thing you do. The way you eat, the way you talk and even the way you walk - they manage to find a blemish in everything.

They don't include you in their activities

Your partner doesn't feel the need to include you in their activities. If they are going on a vacation, they would not even tell you where they went to spend their time. You only find their intentions on social media.

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